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Kerin Allen (
Mon, 05 Oct 1998 16:14:25 -0700

Kerin Allen wrote:

> Hello, Sidnie:
> Our house was built in the 70's when there were mostly ranches in
> the northwest and our closest township, Marana, was still a sleepy
> farming community. It is a relatively small house by most standards but
> like you said, I am sure something had to move to pour a slab. Most of
> the neighbors have more than our measley 1 acre lot but nobody has
> less. That is the reason we chose to live in that area. It is simply
> gorgeous to look up at the stars at night and hear coyotes, owls and
> cricket...not the thump-thump-thump of someone's stereo. (I used to
> live in Phoenix... been there ... did that... glad I moved!)
> The issue on which the Northwest Coalition for Responsible
> Development stands firm on are the words "responsible development".
> Under this umbrella, the coalition is trying to re-educate the
> development community to rethink their method of site construction.
> Down here, the developers purchase a site, say 20 acres, then blade the
> ENTIRE 20 acre surface, build 4 identical house per 1 acre and THEN
> replant (usually something like prickly pear surrounded by pea
> gravel). Transplanting of large trees is sometime done but not
> regularly.
> The coalition proposes that they blade ONLY the area for the house
> pad and the drive ways. The rest can remain what is called 'open space'
> or perhaps plan into their design an untouched area that remain
> natural. The reasonings are many of course, but one significant one
> here is water run off. Water, that very precious commodity. If there
> is something to hold the water allowing it to seep into the ground, our
> water table will benefit greatly. If the water zooms over asphalt,
> rushing down hill to flood lower lying property, then more damage has
> been done than one would have first considered. Been witness to that
> lovely mess myself!
> So you see, there is no 'self-righteousness' involved here. There
> is simple request for foresight and consideration in the planning, the
> design and the implementation. Some of the coalition members (husband
> included) make their living in construction or landscape, so there is
> plenty of imput into the "realities" of these requests to the
> development community. All of the proposals for rezoning have been well
> researched by people who receive no monetary compensation for their hard
> work. The research is actually quite fascinating (did you know the
> ancient Ironwood trees are a remote member of the pea family?? I sure
> didn't.) and brings a greater light to the resource right here under our
> noses (and sometime stuck in my foot... but that's another story).
> The group is actually finding their efforts toward public
> awareness gaining interest.
> This morning's early news was about Tucson turning into a "Heat Island"
> (just like Phoenix) due to the increase in the asphalt, concrete and
> man-made structures. Who would have thought?
> I hope I answered you more fully than in the early posting. I am an
> art ed student and was required by my instructor to respond to one of
> the inquiry questions and post it on the listserv. This was the only
> question to which I had a plausible comment. (I hate stammering on
> email!)
> Kerin, getting educated in more ways than I ever though possible
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> Sidnie Miller wrote:
> > But Kerin, didn't your house also scrape off a bunch of natural
> > wonders?? I love the way people want to get in and then shut
> > off everyone else with self-righteousness.
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