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"Trashing" the art room

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Mon, 5 Oct 1998 19:31:22 EDT

Dear Fellow Art Educators,
What would you do in this situation??. As you know, I work in a rough,rough
part of Chicago. I am usually a couple of steps ahead of the kids---today, I
was not...Here's what happened: Although I didn't catch them in the act- I
know that my 8th grade students took my crayons while my back was turned, of
course, and hid them underneath some tables I have in my class. At the end of
the day, by some fluke, I moved the table and found 1,000's of crayons. It
took me an hour after school to clean this mess. Should I cut off their water?
No art, except for pencil drawing (their own) from now on. I've done that
before. I really try to introduce to them different types of art,etc. and
they are so disrespectful. What I'm saying is that I'm giving up (walk in MY
shoes before you tell me not too) and funneling my attention to the lower
grades who are better behaved, and do not pull that baloney that the 8th does.
Yes, I have asked them to bring their own supplies. Some do , most don't. My
dilema-Their (8th grade )teacher does NOT work with me and she always thinks
I'm lying. She is one of the FEW that believes the kids. I'm sure you have a
few in your school-she refuses to believe her students do anything wrong. I
always try to avoid talking to her. She is a VERY negative, burned -out, and
unhappy person. NOW, she will find out I pulled the plug on art for her
students. I always display everyone's work, and, of course, her class' art
will not be displayed. What do I tell her? The truth? She won't believe
me. Any advice? Thanks!!
Artfully yours (except for 8th grade),

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