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Re: Out on a limb

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Lauretta A. Hendricks-Backus (
Mon, 05 Oct 1998 12:38:51 -0500

I know what you mean. I have always liked Picasso' cubist stuff. I hate
his blue period work! It reminds me of bad art that's made in High School.
But we all come up with duds every now and then. I recently read a short
on Picasso' life and his personality. His view on women really bummed me
out. He had very little respect for women. Alas its' hard for me to
separate him from his art now. But I'll work on taking the image for the
image and not for its' maker.


>>I hesitate to write this tonight but it is bothering me so here goes.
>>This week-end I saw the Picasso show in L.A. I left feeling like the boy
>>in the story " The Emperor's New Clothes". I was wondering, is there anyone
>>else out there that doesn't like Picasso's work? I appreciate his
>>contributions to art. I think I have an understanding of what he was doing.
>>If his art is meant to disturb me then he succeeded in doing so. At times I
>>felt that the comentary was just reaching for symbolism. There was so much
>>analysis and comparison. Maybe Picasso wasn't REALLY putting that much
>>jumbo into his work? Maybe he was just having a good time. He said as a
>>child he drew like Rembrandt and it took him a lifetime to draw like a
>>I think he painted like a distrubed child.
>>Well, sorry I just had to get this off my mind. Hope I havn't offended