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joym (joym)
Sun, 4 Oct 1998 20:43:34 -0400

Woah! In combining my thoughts on acting out kids & on the opportunities
presented by art media & role modeling/demonstration, I'm afraid something
got lost! I did not mean to imply that handing out clay at the moment of
acting out was an appropriate disciplinary measure. Teaching respect for
the media and for the ownership of the work is obviously an on-going
process, which requires stronger emphasis when one knows they are working
with behaviorally disordered kids. Inner city? No. However, I have worked
with all ages including (but not limited to) alcoholics, drug addicts,
welfare & foster kids, rage murderers & the severely conduct disordered.
What I meant about clay was that if you know you have kids with pent up
emotions, clay is a great media to give them the opportunity to work some
of that out. The physically oriented acts of wedging, pounding & forming
release excess energy while becoming a vehicle for the outward expression
(and discussion) of the....(depends on the child & their issues)..anger,
fear, frustration, sorrow, sense of abandonment..whatever.

artist/art therapist
in Maine

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