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Re: Wong's book

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Sun, 4 Oct 1998 16:20:44 EDT

Wong's book changed my life!!! I cannot praise him enough. This is what I use
in my class:
GIVE ME FIVE: The teacher raises his/her hand and this gesture means eyes are
on teacher, mouth is silent, nothing is in hand,in other words-- full
attention is on teacher. (I use for my 8th grade too!) I made a sign on the
computer with a big hand plus GIVE ME FIVE at the top with all of these rules-
eyes on teacher, etc. You can use your own phrases. I sometimes says--"Up
with the finger!" This means that the child's finger (index) is over his/her
mouth to remind him/her that you must be silent in class. You must go over
all of these rules CONSTANTLY with the kids. It's never too late, either. I
sometimes say to the kids, "I have a NEW rule, and it is ....."
HAND GESTURES: My students like to yell out my name if they want something.
I HATE that! It gives me a HEADACHE!! Well, Mr. Wong has a system and I use
it -and it works. Here it is:
(Also a computer- made sign on my bulletin board)
If you have a question or statement, raise you index finger
If you have to leave your seat, raise 2 fingers
If you need help, raise 3 fingers

I am constantly reviewing these rules, hand gestures, etc. with them in the
beginning of every class. Don't expect them to remember everything. Then one
day, it all clicks. They remember and know the program. It is very

Also, have you ever tried "Silent Art?" I have one "Timekeeper" whom I elect
and he/she keeps time for every minute they are silent. I give them points
for minutes. I keep a list of all my classes, and at the end of the
year....the room with the most points wins prizes. I give pencils or anything
cheap I find in "Dollar" stores.

I'm not saying I have perfect classes, but they know I have rules and they are
familiar with my system. Anyone who wants to "Show-Off" --and that's what I
call it--ruins it for the class. They lose points for showing off even if
it's one person. I stress to them that this is a class effort.

They must walk in quietly, orderly, peacefully, respectfully. No showing off
allowed! My room is a very special place. They are lucky to have art. I
always remind them that.

Hope this helps-
Keep me posted!
Lotsa Luck--