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Triptych Attachment (Are you getting this?)

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John Tiemann (s1014906)
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 14:00:08 -0500

Hello Astro-GIRL (meany), Linda, Sue, Charlotte, and all other arted friends.

Just wanting to know if everyone was able to read the attachment file I had
sent concerning my triptych lesson plan? I am still looking for the handout
I printed up for the students to read concerning the deffinition of a
triptych and lesson requirements, along with deadline schedule, class
critique and self/teacher evaluation. I will continue to look for it,
however, it may be on a different computer I had used at the time I was
teaching the lesson.

Concerning the hinge problem.... again, let the students decide. My students
tried everything from tape, actual hinges on frames, string, leather straps,
brass rings, metal wire, wooden sticks, and many others. I left the
materials and media up to each individual student. We worked on watercolor,
pastel, drawing, and charcoal paper (tone ground), some students brought in
wooden panels and drew/painted on them with various media then used a wood
burning tool to bring out an emphasis on line. Another student (may have
mentioned this before) burnt the edges of her paper with a candle to make it
look old and antiquish. The students who worked on thinner paper used a
spray adhesive on the back to join their work to thicker poster board or
wood. The possibilities are endless....that's why I'm trying clay next. If
anyone else has suggestions feel free to chime in with any advice.

The problems to think about when creating a triptych in clay is the
shrinkage factor of the clay body, along with the warping of the clay tiles.
One could make clay hinges on the sides of each panel, keeping in mind the
shrinking rate of the clay body. One could also forget about the hinges all
together and simply join the panels together at an angle creating one large
piece that would be able to stand on its own before firing (however, unable
to close). The students could create a border design around each panel that
would go along with the theme of the triptych. Call it as you see it....
There isn't one right way of making a work of art!! It's all about
creativity and craftsmanship.

Any other comments would be greatly appreciated. We are all here to
help...right? I hope I have in some way. I am so excited to see so many
others taking interest in this idea. Please be sure to let me know how this
all works out for each of you. Good Luck!!!

John Tiemann in St. Louis

Way to go Big-Mac!!

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