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wendy sauls (wsauls)
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 20:13:45

in defense of myself and others (me first):

when i responded to the principals in furs post, the first part of my
response was somewhat tongue in cheek (although i don't eat tongue). i
feel certain that my post was related to art ed because i (seriously)
suggested investigating social commentary and listed a diverse group of
artists and resources to check out.

one of the (many) things i love about being in this group is that over time
i feel like i have had the pleasure of getting to know some of the people
here, that i am interacting with friends. i feel this way due to the
personality-revealing nature of lots of the posts. although duffy and i
obviously don't agree completely (i don't wear fur undies), i thought his
post was wonderful - it made me laugh out loud as soon as i read it and my
after-smile lasted quite a while.

if it is pure academics or dry, impersonal info we are after, there are
tons of sources out there for it - naea has about a zillion publications on
anything and everything, and the nontalk part of artsednet also has a
plethora of stuff, for a start.

i can't begin to describe how much, as a lone art teacher, i have enjoyed
and gained from being able to express my thoughts and opinions and
questions and from hearing others' on this list. i really appreciate the
mostly warm and helplful responses, the sense of comraderie even when we
don't agree. (although i did get a message telling me that if i spray
painted someone's fur, they would file assault charges against me - too bad
the minks and rabbits can't do the same, huh? ;) )

i think some of us may make the (possibly incorrect and unfairly
stereotypical) assumption that because we are all art teachers we all
possess heightened levels of compassion, sensitivity, kindness, and so on.
that's probably why the fur post guy thought a lot of us would be on his

i, for one, at least wish we wouldn't snipe at each other for things like
spelling; remember, it's the thought that counts!

and a closing thought (finally) - i agree our posts should be about art
education. nearly every one i've ever read has been - we talk about our
aching feet from work, not from tango lessons, about the principal of our
school wears and how it impacts us and others, not how our cousin jim bob
dresses. i hate to think that many of us out there believe teaching art is
only about shading and picasso and good composition. isn't listening and
understanding and sharing and empathizing and communicating and making
connections and...all that just as much a part of it, too?


Wendy Sauls
Art Teacher, Kanapaha Middle School, Gainesville, FL
Doctoral Student, Art Education, Florida State University
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