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croberts (b2w6w4kn)
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 21:30:25 -0400

When we, as art teachers, teach our students, we use every method, every
teaching style, and anything we can possibly think of to do to reach every
one of our students. No two people learn "exactly the same way", and no two
students even enjoy every lesson the same.

In my opinion, the same thing goes for this list. We are not all just art
teachers on the list. Our "focus in art" is not the same for everyone. We
do not all LIKE the same things. We do not all TEACH the same things, nor
do we even teach the same way. Our interests are as varied as our students.

So, how anyone say what we need to be discussing on this list. There are a
LOT of subjects discussed that I have no interest in, however, I just use my
DELETE key. The ones that I AM interested in, I read, print out, save, or

And I think that the majority of us on this list DO share the getty goals
for improvement of art education, because we DO share with each other and we
DO learn from each other. A lot of us have been here for almost three
years. There are a lot of us who have become pretty good friends by
exchanging ideas, lessons, thoughts, art education issues,etc. no matter how
unimportant they may seem to others.

I'm not trying to criticize anyone, however, this list may NOT be for
everyone, and I'm just expressing my opinion.

>> I want to be conversing with a group of colleagues who share the getty
>> for improvement of art education so that in the future there would still
>> art specialists in America's classrooms.

>I agree with Judy 100%. There have been too many messages about other
>things. It takes way too much time to go through all the "junk mail" in
>order to get to substantive art education issues. I've only been
>involved with this list serv for two weeks, but I'm going to drop out if
>this keeps up much longer!!