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Which books to buy-need help

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Fri, 2 Oct 1998 15:48:41 MST

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Subject: Which books to buy-need help

Hope someone has a moment to give me a thought or two on how to spend
some money. I am in charge of spending some PTA $ for an artcart at
our elementary school. (In large part inspired by many of you in this
group) I was going to get the Mike Venezia series for the cart-mainly
because I personally own a set , liked it, and wasn't aware of much
else. Then I got the Crizmat catalog. Many other options are
available there but I have not seen any of those in person- only read
the descriptions in the catalog. I have about $250 allocated for
books and want to get the most for the $. Can some of you give me an
opinion on what series you find most useful. We are talking K-5.

Most appreciative of any help.
Long Beach, CA

My reply to Glennis is...

The Art Book
Phaidon Press Limited
Regent's Wharf
All Saints Street
London, NI
Printed 1994


Scholastic Art Magazine

Anything with images -- lots and lots of images...
Don't worry about getting a art series set of books -- almost all of
the curriculum type sets are too formalist in their approach -- you do
better to get a copy of Feldman's "Becoming Human Through Art" or
Elliot Eisners "Educating Artistic Vision" and developing your own
curriculum -- buy a copy of "Puzzles About Art" by Battin -- Go to as
many museums as you can and buy post cards of the art works -- this is
the cheapest way to collect as many images for the students to work
with as possible. Buy some of the publications from the NAEA or the
Getty. Go to the NAEA conference in DC. Don't spend your money on
someone elses formalist approach to art ed. -- someone who is only
looking to make lots of money off art educators. There is not short
cut to a good curriculum it grows from life -- your life and your
student's lives. Read till it hurts, look at art -- as much as you
can get yourself to -- the real stuff -- not just the stuff in books
or posters. $250.00 is just a start -- the post cards will get you
the most for your money.

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