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Nagel, Judy (JNagel)
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 09:42:00 -0500

Hi Judy, This is Judy from Sax Arts & Crafts. I just wanted to tell you
to stay with this group because they will meet your expectations. One
of the things you will notice is that they may have different opinions
about various issues but you will not find a more passionate group
concerning art education. You can participate on your own basis. I
participate because I too am passionate about art education and also to
stay current on issues. I respond when I think it will be of value and
ask for help when I need it. They will not let you down. Even though
most of us have not met, we will not be strangers for long. Have a good
year and if I can ever be of service, just let me know. Judy Nagel

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> Sent: Thursday, October 01, 1998 10:56 PM
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> I'm getting confused here. I'm new to this "listserve" and have never
> used
> this form of communication with "strangers" if you'll pardon the
> expression.
> I want to be conversing with a group of colleagues who share the getty
> goals
> for improvement of art education so that in the future there would
> still be
> art specialists in America's classrooms. I figure that the getty
> people are
> probably putting a bit of money into allowing me to converse with my
> peers in
> this manner and i feel a responsibility to try to post messages in
> regard to
> improving art education for the benefit of all. I kind of feel that a
> benevolent big brother is looking in on what we are saying and nodding
> approvingly at how we are taking time out of our extremely busy
> schedules to
> help each other in our common quest. I definitely thought this was
> a kind
> of public place where what I say is being viewed by many interested
> parties,
> so i want to monitor what i say and hope it will be only beneficial to
> all/any
> who may read it now or in the "archives". I want to be part of the
> record of
> what the best people in the entire teaching profession were thinking
> and
> saying at the end of the twentieth century. The professional content
> here has
> contributed to making me a better teacher this year! It helps me in
> my
> district, where i'm the only art specialist, to know how colleagues
> from
> across America are dealing with issues such as teaching children art
> aesthetics, criticism, history, design, use of technology, and studio
> work. I
> am also interested in traffic management in over-crowded art space,
> how you
> handle three or four computers in twenty-nine classes of twenty-seven
> students
> forty minutes once a week.
> Thanks for being here for me. Please enlighten me if I have a
> short-sighted
> view of the above.
> Judy in Jersey