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Katherine Giltinan (k.giltinan)
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 20:39:44 -0600

Dear Readers,
Of course we should do it! What possible argument could be against it?

Judging from the volume of e-mail I've gotten since joining artsednet,
there is a demand for better communication among art teachers. If we build
it; they will come. (Hmmmmm...Where have I heard that?)

As for names, here are a few off the top of my head:
The Art Room-Art Ed's Cafe-Art's Pedagogy Parlour-ArtEdNet Forum-Getty
Salon-Calliope's Garden-J.Paul's Lounge-

Michelle, I will read what you suggest on setting up a space. The nuts and
bolts - code writing - nitty gritty of the project isn't where my heart is

My dream chat room has live scheduled, moderated talks on relevant current
affairs. Additionally, newsmakers, artists, and pioneer art educators would
make scheduled, as well as unannounced, on-line visits to us. For
instance, An Evening With Robert Hughes and Sister Wendy Beckett.:-) We
could, also, have on-line seminars, conducted by visiting professors. And,
authors might particpate in discussions of new texts, articles and books
(perhaps, following Oprah's very successful model of an electronic

At 04:30 PM 10/28/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I use a Mac and the program I like best for IRC chatting is called Ircle.
>Go to this website to download the program. The site also has everything
>you need to know about set up, IRC chatting, and such.
>If anyone is on a PC, I do know you use MIRC. You can probably download it
>from a similar site as Ircle. Do a Yahoo search for MIRC. That should get
>you there. Try this....
>If we set up a chat room i'd like to do it on one of these servers:
>I have been chatting on these servers without much trouble for quite some
>time now. We would all need to use the same server connection to get to the
>same room.
>We need to have a name for our IRC channel (chat room). How about DBAE?
>ArtsEdNet? ArtTalk? Any other ideas?
>We can set it up officially, or just whoever gets there first starts the
>room. I have never set up a room, but I know someone who has. We may not
>want to hassle that at first. Let's get it up and running first, see what
>kind of turnout we get, then we can decide. There is no need to officialize
>it really.
>Anyway, these are the basics. Should we do it?
>I'm game!
>Hope this helps answer some questions.