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Re: artist as teacher vs. teacher

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Michelle Vidro (ggoose)
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 09:08:53 -0700

* please see bullets......thanks! :o)

>Michelle Vidro,
> Please don't give up on these kids. They NEED you!!! I FEEL for you
>right now. I kinda know what you are going through. I teach a Basic Ed
>class and the homeroom teacher sounds like the one you are dealing with,
>they ARE control freaks, can't let go. She ALWAYS stays in my room for
>art with the aid, and rarely lets them express themselves. One little
>girl was in tears last week, aa the teacher drew the witch on paper with
>black paint. She wanted to draw her OWN witch with black paint.

* Of course she did! That sounds awful. Glad i'm not alone though. Maybe
it's a good thing we are there to do "damage control"!

> I talked to the principal, and I have the class to myself. Maybe YOU
>should talk to the principal about what is going on in the classroom. It
>does make a difference.

* I am considering talking to the principal, but i'm afraid that if I make
waves the teacher will take it out on my son. *sigh*

> It sounds like you are TRYING to give these first graders a great
>education in art, if only the homeroom teacher wasn't there!!! She needs
>to take a break away from the class while you are teaching the kids art.
>Ask the principal if this would be alright with her/him. Usually, they
>are understanding if you tell them what is going on.
> This teacher wants to stifle the kids, and soon they won't want to
>express themselves. She needs to be out of the classroom when you are
>teaching art to the kids.

* I'd love it if she wasn't there. But now, I think she would take it
personally, since we had this happen yesterday.

> Alot of the OLD teachers think Art is not as important as the other
>subjects, so.. they sometimes cut out Art time, take a child out of my
>class to take a test they missed,etc. I always tell them, this class is
>as importatnt as a Math class, and no they can't miss Art to take a

* I think this teacher is pretty old fashioned. In all fairness she
actually is good as far as teaching them the 3R's. My son is learning a lot
from her. I guess his lessons include something about the different kinds
of people there are in the world and how to deal with them. Maybe i'm still
learning that too.

> It sounds like you are really TRYING to teach this first grade class
>art and not Halloween busy-work.
> Yes you did come up with a good idea of having the teacher pose for the
>class. At least she won't be bothering you for a while.
> Don't EVER be scared to go in and talk to a teacher. We are only human,
>and do make mistakes.
> PLEASE, don't let this one teacher get you down. I feel sorry for the
>kids , as they have to put up with this teacher every day.
> I think it is GREAT that you son drew his own lion instead of using a
>template. They should be able to take the tiles home to finish their
>project. This teacher IS a control freak. I always let the kids take
>home materials, to finish their project. I do mosaics in 6th grade as it
>is a tedious project. Maybe you should have done an easier project with
>1st grade, that didn't take so... long.
> I also do portraits with first grade, and we draw the principal of the
>school. We also do clay slab plaques, where the kids make a self
> Hang in there Michelle, and talk to the principal. Its great that you
>are volunteering your time, so the kids can have a quality art time.
> Sandy Poos

* Thanks for your support. It means a great deal to me.
Regards, Michelle