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Re: artist as teacher vs. teacher

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Sandra Poos (klpoos)
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 23:58:07 -0600

Michelle Vidro,
Please don't give up on these kids. They NEED you!!! I FEEL for you
right now. I kinda know what you are going through. I teach a Basic Ed
class and the homeroom teacher sounds like the one you are dealing with,
they ARE control freaks, can't let go. She ALWAYS stays in my room for
art with the aid, and rarely lets them express themselves. One little
girl was in tears last week, aa the teacher drew the witch on paper with
black paint. She wanted to draw her OWN witch with black paint.
I talked to the principal, and I have the class to myself. Maybe YOU
should talk to the principal about what is going on in the classroom. It
does make a difference.
It sounds like you are TRYING to give these first graders a great
education in art, if only the homeroom teacher wasn't there!!! She needs
to take a break away from the class while you are teaching the kids art.
Ask the principal if this would be alright with her/him. Usually, they
are understanding if you tell them what is going on.
This teacher wants to stifle the kids, and soon they won't want to
express themselves. She needs to be out of the classroom when you are
teaching art to the kids.
Alot of the OLD teachers think Art is not as important as the other
subjects, so.. they sometimes cut out Art time, take a child out of my
class to take a test they missed,etc. I always tell them, this class is
as importatnt as a Math class, and no they can't miss Art to take a
It sounds like you are really TRYING to teach this first grade class
art and not Halloween busy-work.
Yes you did come up with a good idea of having the teacher pose for the
class. At least she won't be bothering you for a while.
Don't EVER be scared to go in and talk to a teacher. We are only human,
and do make mistakes.
PLEASE, don't let this one teacher get you down. I feel sorry for the
kids , as they have to put up with this teacher every day.
I think it is GREAT that you son drew his own lion instead of using a
template. They should be able to take the tiles home to finish their
project. This teacher IS a control freak. I always let the kids take
home materials, to finish their project. I do mosaics in 6th grade as it
is a tedious project. Maybe you should have done an easier project with
1st grade, that didn't take so... long.
I also do portraits with first grade, and we draw the principal of the
school. We also do clay slab plaques, where the kids make a self
Hang in there Michelle, and talk to the principal. Its great that you
are volunteering your time, so the kids can have a quality art time.
Sandy Poos