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A&E-A Re: enviromental design Wed,15 oct 1997

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Ashley W Pritchard (awp)
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 15:59:11 -0700 (MST)

Hi Jui-Ying Huang, My name is Ashley. I am just now responding to you
posted comment on the listserve from Wed. Oct. 15, 1997, sorry i was not
able to respond sooner.
i am glad that you appreciate public art instalations, but one of
the major purposes of public art is to edjucate, and fascilitate an
intrest in art even if it is located in a gallery. Galleries in the modern
world have alot to compete with unlike in the 1700s and 1800s when it was
thing for everyone to do. Today galleries have to compete with other
industries such as the entertainment industry (TV, movies, music, radio,
ect...) and because of such industries going out to a gallery or museum is
just not as popular as they were in the 1700s- 1800s.
Public / enviromental art not only brings to the communities
attention of what is happening in the art community and education it also
can be used to bring attention to specific situations or conditions in the
society at large. art in the public domane is there for EVERONE TO
APPRECIATE not for everyone in a specific geographical location. To view
that the geographical location of a piece of art work is a bad location
simply because the homeless hang out there is almost on the verge of
discrimination and biggotry.
i also agree with you that there should be some type of fund set
up via through taxes or donations to maintane public art especially if it
is not owned by a private organization or corporation. There is a federal
organisation that is set up to provide funding to various art
organisations and artist projects called the NEA (National Endaument for
the Arts) but I do not know if they provide funding for maintaning and
restoring public art. Unfortunately because of the current
political situation and the majority of the public oppinion and attitude
tward public art the tax funding for the NEA is being cut and some people
would prefer to eliminate the funding entirly.
I hope this will help you design the issue for pressentation, sorry my
response was late, I hope it was not too late.

Ashley Pritchard
The University of Arizona