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texture in 1st and 2nd grade

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Me (holl5)
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 21:52:13 -0500

Here are a couple things I have done with texture with younger
-Make a texture creature (could be a robot or imaginary animal-you
set guidelines)First trace a variety of shapes with pencil on a 12 x 18
sheet of paper. I put out a large variety of plastic lids, small boxes
and other odd shaped pieces (scissors work especially well) for them to
trace to create their creature. Next they outline the shapes with a
black marker( using a pencil first allows them to erase some of the
overlapping lines ) Finally they fill in the shapes with different
texture rubbings (we just use crayons ) Again I put out a variety of
things to rub (plastic net , corrugated cardboard) and they also use
walls, shoe bottoms, sidewalks etc. This takes two class periods at
least and the classroom teachers have extended it by having students
write stories to go along with their creatures - What Life is Like on
Texture Planet., etc.. Besides texture you can also incoporate shapes,
overlapping, color patterns, symmetry .........
Use Texture Grab Bags- give each student a lunch size paper bag,
closed and clothespinned with a different object (pieces of fabric,
screws, pieces of wood, styrofaoam, cardboard, ect.)in each . Make a big
deal about how you are only going to use your sense of touch to find out
about what is in the bag. Let them reach in with out looking and let
each child give you one texture word to describe what is in the bag.
You may have to lead them to develop this vocabulary-my face feels soft
but my shoe feels rough- how does the thing in your bag feel. Play this
up as long as you need- eventually the art project I do with this is to
give them each a little booklet stapled together and they go around the
room being "texture detectives" gathering "pictures of textures" What
this does is to teach them the technique of rubbing. Also ,first graders
just love to make books. I usually put out some objects but also
encourage them to look for textures in the room. Just warn them about
keeping the rubbing on the paper!
I usually do the books with first grade and the creatures with
second grade-sorry this is so long - hope it may be useful!
Jeryl Hollngsworth- in S.C.