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Try a sculpture lesson on Louise Nevelson. She was known to haunt the backs
of businesses, mostly furniture stores, where she found broken pieces of
furniture. She painted them all one color (black, white, or gold) and glued
them together.

Have the students bring in a baggie of old junk from home (broken toys or
jewelry, buttons, empty paint tubes, broken anything) anything that intrigues
them with its texture or shape.... but it should be something that is being
thrown out or in the garbage/trash bin. On a piece of matboard, have the
students glue the pieces together (hot glue stations with a parent on guard
work best) encourage them to build up and have each piece connect or touch
another somehow. When the project is finished being glued, have the students
title them. Later, take the sculptures outside and spray paint them entirely
in FLAT black. (I usually do this after school, outside when everyone's gone
as the fumes can get a bit much.) Return them to the students and have them
reassess the title. With the removal of color, your eyes now focus on the
shapes in the + and - areas. The sculptures transform into pieces that are
quite magical.