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Fri, 24 Oct 1997 23:09:45 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Sarah,

When I taught elem. art I did a two period lesson called "The Count"--I don't
remember where I found it. The students each had a sheet of 12 x 18" paper
(of black and of white). It was a way to discuss and use contrast, line
variety, and soft edged shape. They tore off the top edge of the black paper
in an interesting line, removing no more than one third of the black paper.
They then drew on the white paper (and on the black) creating a creature who
might wear a black cape, by adding a head (how much of the head will show?)
and one hand (how much of the hand will show?) using black an white crayons
or pencils or chalk/charcoal. Great for grades two and three, though the
other grades wanted to do the same after they saw the outcome!

And although you said not pumpkins--you might be interested in this which I
used with a K-1 multiage. (2-3 class periods) We have lots of wild apple
trees hear in Vermont and the apples are small. I cut these in half and we
printed them first in red and green, "natural" apple colors. Then I put out
small plates with magenta and yellow in separate cups. The kids printed
their apples with the color they mixed on their plate, all over their 18 x 24
paper. The next class period we discussed facial expressions and how they
change and what makes a facial expression change. How can you tell how
someone is feeling type-thing... They were they given a variety of markers
and they made each of their orange apple prints feel different from each

Now I'm in junior high--I'll take ANY suggestions! :))

Hope this helps!

Peggy Angstadt