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artist as teacher vs. teacher

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Michelle Vidro (ggoose)
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 09:13:45 -0700

I am an artist teaching art to my child's first grade class twice a month.
Yesterday during class the teacher scolded one of the students for doing
the project the "wrong" way.

This upset me because I believe that creativity is often a series of
explorations, often times misunderstood as mistakes. In my opinion,
speaking as an artist myself, mistakes are the catalyst for creativity!!!

I responded by telling the teacher it was ok, but she persisted by rubbing
it in to the child that he did not follow directions. He looked at me. I
went to him and tried to explain that he was just doing it a "different"
way, and that different is not wrong, just not what we are doing at this
time. I allowed him to set his variation aside to continue later on, after
completing his "right" project. He seemed to be ok with that, and grateful
that I came to his creative "rescue".

My concerns are:
1) Should I worry about undermining the teacher in situations such as this?

2) What could I do to democratically let her know that this kind of
feedback is exactly what I do not want teach the children about art and
creativity? Or in other words, how can I avoid this in the future?

After all, my child is in her class and if she speaks to others in this
manner, she must also speak to my child this way. I feel it is "wrong" of
her to not have more respect for her students. Respect, to me and my
husband, is one of the most important factors in human relations.

She also scolded them for making comments instead of asking questions
during the art class.

Geez, I felt scared by her and I am an adult! Imagine what the kids feel!

I know many of you are teachers and I would appreciate any feedback you
have in regards to this matter.

Thank you,