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Re: Tona rituals

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Mark Alexander (mamjam)
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 22:12:07 -0500

Dear Lorena,

I did find something about Tona rituals in the book:

MASK ARTS OF MEXICO, Ruth D. Lechuga, ChloŽ Sayer, Chronicle Books, San
Francisco, 1995, pp. 48.

It begins Chapter 3, DOMINION OF THE ANIMALS with:

"In Mexico, according to popular belief, each man and woman shares a
common destiny with an animal counterpart. If someone is without food, the
animal will go hungry; if the animal suffers injury, the human being will
become ill; if the animal is killed, the human being will die. Tona (also
Tono) is the term for this animal guardian or soul companion.
Before the Conquest each deity also had a tona. Tezcatlipoca, the
'Smoking Mirror,' was a very important god in Aztec cosmogony. Nocturnal
and invisible, he was represented by an obsidian mirror. He could bestow
riches and good fortune or withhold them at whim. His tona was a jaguar,
popularly known throughout modern Mexico as the tigre (tiger). This may be
why the tigre is the most revered and feared of animals."

Then it went on to talk about numerous other tonas, and about the dance of
los tejorones where these tona masks were aparently worn. Perhaps los
tejorones is familiar? Thanks so much for your research!


At 9:39 AM 10/21/97, Lorena Nalin wrote:
>I am sorry to say that the guru of Hispanic culture here at the University
>of Arizona Southwest Cultural Center has not heard of this ritual/festival.
>Perhaps it comes from another geographical area, there a a couple of books
>he suggested that are here at the UofA library but I'm not hopeful they
>will be helpful. How quickly do you need the information?
>It might be something I can pass along to the UofA Art Education Listserve.
>The students are in the library more often than I am.
>Let me know.
>>Wow, Lorena, thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you!
>>At 5:52 PM 10/12/97, Lorena Nalin wrote:
>>>This week is conference week, so I will have some time to contact the
>>>Unversity of Arizona's Southwest Heritage Center, they are part of the
>>>library system. If anyone knows about this ritual it will be them.
>>>Lorena Nalin
>>>Tucson, AZ