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Re: Monoprint or Monotype: The end of the Debate

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James Nairne (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 23:42:47 +0000

Dear Ashley, Melissa, Mark,

Thanks for your research on the two terms. Like you I have been reading
up about their meaning.
I had come to the conclusion, which I believe is the same as yours that
monoprint and monotype are used pretty much interchangeably... even
though their original etymology was different.
You wrote the following which I found confusing:

> Monoprints are not prints produced as one-offs (proofs)
>uneditioned, these are called printers proofs which are a kind of
>trial/test run of the plate. A monoprint can also be made with multiple
>plate registerings, layering colors on top of colors. Prints made with a
>screen are not monoprints they are called screen print and are a completely
>different type of process.

Monoprints are as you say not one-off proofs, they are deliberate
creations, which happen to be unrepeatable, and therefore unique.
However, I would argue that a print made using a screen printing
process, that is a deliberate unique print is, like the methods you and
Melissa describe, a monoprint. In the process, I am thinking of, the
following is done (or variations of the following): (It is not of course
the particulars of the process that make it a monoprint... rather the
fact that it is a unique deliberate creation/artwork made using a
PRINTMAKING method... surely monoprints can be made from relief
blocks... as Melissa implied)

Screen monoprints/monotypes:
the basic method is to draw with paint or solvent soluble chalk/pastel
on the screen mesh prior to pulling clear, transparent medium across the
screen and so transfer the drawn image through the screen onto the

With water based screen printing watersoluble crayons (Aquapastels) can
be used.. or high quality (therefore finely ground) artists chalks,
poster or acrylic paints.
I don't do spirit based screenprinting but with that oil pastels work

Am I too picci?
best regards

James Nairne