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Hi. The issue I am developing is social restoration. I am specifically
concentrating on the status of public space in contemporary society. An
artist who directly confronts this issue is Krzysztof Wodiczko (pronounced
Christof Wo...well that part is easy enough). Wodiczko is best known for his
huge full-color images that are projected on the buildings of cities
internationally. The images portray concerns ranging from the
social(homelessness), to enviornmental(pollution), to political(war).
Although the images are striking, they are only one aspect of the
projections, equally as important are the buildings themselves which are
monuments for the public and are often the physical manifestations of the
patriarchal foundations of modern societies.
whoa, just finding a way to say that made my brain hurt.
Please respond if this is a topic that you are interested in discussing.
Other artists such as Jenny Holzer (i feel) fit in this category.
Suggetions? Comments? Recipees? Please reply.