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Re: El Da De Los Muertos

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Judith Auslander (judith)
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 13:35:15 -0700

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Also try website:
and www.foodwine.corn/food/egg/egg1096/daydead.html
Have fun - that's the important thing.

Mark Alexander wrote:

> Hi Brooke,
> We can talk about El Da De Los Muertos right here. We don't need
> another
> chat room.
> My 8th graders are making el Esqueleto in art and studying los dias de
> los
> Muertos in Spanish class. Virtually all of us are native New
> Englanders, or
> at least as native a New Englander as any white person can be. None of
> us
> are bilingual and none of us are of Mexican descent. However, most of
> us
> are really having fun learning a little about a culture beyond our
> small
> New England village. We promise not to make judgements about the
> Mexican
> people or their beliefs. We mean no disrespect and we hope our
> interest
> won't offend anyone. Our intention is to merely widen our horizons by
> learning a little bit more about different peoples. In the long run,
> we
> hope that our expanded perspective will help heal our sick world. So,
> with
> the political correctness police hopefully held at bay, I'd now love
> to
> share what we're doing!
> A few weeks ago we borrowed the Village Ambulance Corp's life sized
> human
> skeleton replica, and did contour drawings of it. We drew the full
> figure,
> then we drew the parts. We talked about the bones, although we didn't
> get
> into the names except for the major ones. Our main interest was why
> the
> human body looks the way it does. Lots of bones!
> Then I showed them some of my anatomy books. I don't have them here,
> but
> I'll email their names and authors tomorrow if you want. In one book
> is a
> series of figure drawings from Ruben's figures. These drawings were
> then
> drawn as if in xray, showing how the skeleton would look in those
> positions. (a really cool exercise for advanced students, by the way)
> Then we talked about los dias de los Muertos. In art it was mostly
> just an
> interesting review, because the Spanish teacher really does a lot with
> it,
> and the students are enthusiastic. I love learning new things about
> it, too
> !
> Then we adjourned to the gym floor. Each student was given a huge
> piece of
> cardboard from a refrigerator sized box. They got on the cardboard and
> assumed an action pose, which a partner traced. Then the fun began!
> Using
> the life sized skeleton replica, and illustrations from the artist's
> anatomy reference books, they drew their skeletons in their action
> pose,
> as if seen by xray.
> Then they painted the skeletons with big lolly foam brushes and some
> latex
> paint I had left over from a painting job that was (get this...) Bone
> White! During this part, I was able to sit back and watch them work.
> They
> were so absorbed in the project there was virtually no fooling around
> and
> what little conversation they has was centered around how their
> skeletons
> were coming and where they were headed!
> Now, most of the 8th graders have begun to cut out their skeletons and
> dress them up with acrylic paint, gloss medium, and mixed media such
> as old
> clothes, raffia, jewelry, and fabrics. We have lots of el esqueletos
> including a skateboard el esqueletos, two cheerleader los esqueletas,
> soccer el esqueletos, hip hop el esqueletos, biker el esqueletos,
> artist
> el esqueletas, and a gymnast el esqueletos. They are awsome, and will
> look
> really fine around the school on los dias de los Muertos!
> Please pardon my poor Spanish. I've never studied it and I'm always
> making
> a fool of myself. When I miss-speak it in class the students laugh and
> begin to debate about how to correct me. I like that. We all learn.
> So, what are you teaching for El Da De Los Muertos with your
> students?
> Mark
> Mark Alexander, 1-8 Art
> Lee H. Kellogg School
> 47 Main Street
> Falls Village, Connecticut 06031
> U.S.A.
> "The object of education is to
> prepare the young to
> educate themselves
> throughout their lives."
> Robert Hutch
> At 1:56 PM 10/15/97, bstoyer.21 wrote:
> >To Whom it May Concern;
> >
> >I am an art teacher in Denver at a bilingual middle school.
> >The majority of my students are Mexican and speak Spanish
> >as well as English.
> >
> >I am interested in participating in chat rooms with other
> >educators. It would be beneficial to share successful
> >projects with other art teachers.
> >
> >Now I am teaching about El Da De Los Muertos with my
> >students. Perhaps you could organize a chat room for that
> >particular subject.
> >
> >Brooke J. Stoyer


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