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Re: the idiot....

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Wed, 8 Oct 1997 19:02:36 -0400 (EDT)

It seems that there's one of these in every crowd. Thank goodness that
parents such as this are not the norm. It sounds like this letter really
bothered you, and if you can't shake it, sometimes the best thing to do is
confront it. However, such parents are often unreasonable, and no matter
what you say or do, will not change their mind on the issue.
Here's what I would recommend. First, show the letter to your
principal, explain the situation, and ask if they would be willing to sit in
on a conference with the parent. Send the invite, in the form of a letter,
to the parent. Don't even give the parent a chance to confront you via the
During the conference, explain your observations of the situation in an
objective manner, keeping any subjective comments out of the commentary.
Keep it short, and non-emotional (that CAN be tough, so practice). Just
statements like "During directions, Jane was talking to her neighbor, Darcy.
Jane later asked me what project we were doing in class. I told her that we
had already covered that portion of class, so she should find out the details
from a neighbor. Otherwise, we could never have finished our art exercises
during the alloted class time."
We all get these. I had one once, from a mother who was upset after
her child visited an art museum with her class. Their docent had led them
past a piece of nude statuary. The kids had giggled (in spite of my art vs.
pornography talk prior to our visit), and this one girl had closed her eyes.
The docent said that they were fourth graders now, and since they were
touring an art museum, they were adult enough to accept different pieces of
artwork. It was said kindly. The next day, I received a letter from mom
saying that "Nudity, even when done in the name of art, was still
pornography." Makes me wonder how she ever conceived kids!
I also got a letter from a mother when her child's class painted their
own chimera. She was distraught because I had encouraged children to
combine different physical attributes from different animals, to produce
their own chimera. She wrote that only God had the right to create new
creatures. I remember, her child had this thing about unicorns
and mermaids......

Best luck to you in this....keep a stiff upper lip, and try not to take it
too seriously....


In a message dated 97-10-08 03:26:17 EDT, (Bunki
Kramer) writes:

<< After school today, I checked my teacher's box and found a "really" nasty
note written by one of my 6th grade student's moms. She said her daughter
came home and told her I called her child "an idiot for not know what to
do" in class. This one has just blown me out of the blue. No
checking with me first to see what happened in class...and she wrote she
doesn't want to discuss it and a ugly,lengthy letter berating me for
calling anyone an idiot. I called her after school anyway to clear up the
obvious misunderstanding (or her daughter's just out-right lying) and
talked with the father who was the only one home...said the wife wouldn't
be in til late. He laughed and thought it was funny...had no idea what was
going on. This one I just can't seem to shake. I wouldn't dream of calling
a child "an idiot".( Now...a parent is something else, hee, hee.) Does
anyone else get these stupid things and how do you "shake" them? It ruined
my whole afternoon! Cya................Depressed...then angry. >>