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Re: clay

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Tue, 07 Oct 1997 13:11:50 -0500 (CDT)

You can have them sculpt animals out of the clay that represent thier own
personality and demeanor or even do a partner project and have them sculpt
an animal that represents the new person that they just met...I just now
did a project with a group of 4th graders where they made mirror
frames. Now you mentioned modeling clay, we used regular clay but I'm sure
you can modify the lesson to meet your needs. Roll out a slab of clay
15" X 19" (approximately...that just fit on our clay boards) cut out 11X11
inch cardboard squares and have the students trace that shape onto their
slab (this represents where the mirror will be) then have the students
lightly draw, on the clay, images that you assign. We gave a broad
directive of what is important to them. Many children drew nature and
sports and family. Have them extend the shapes into and out of the 11 inch
square as to create an interesting composition for the frame. Have them
then cut out the negative space (inside and outside the frame...besure to
have at least an inch width on all sides so the mirror doesn't extend out
of the frame) have them build up areas and add textures etc. After they
are fired or baked if using modeling clay or whatever they can be painted
with acrylics and then sprayed with a clear acrylic coat or glazed. (oh!
don't forget to poke two holes in the top to have them hang by a string.
After the frames are done just use some Liquid Nails (for construction) to
attatch the frame to a 12" X 12" mirror. The kids loved it and the results
were exhuberating.


On Tue, 7 Oct 1997 klevi wrote:

> Hello. Does anyone have any suggestions or wonderful lesson plans
> for modeling clay? I am a first year art teacher, grades 1-4 and
> would appreciate any input.
> Thanks.
> klevi