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Save Big Bird (and friends)! (fwd)

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Lisa Levenson (lisal)
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 20:40:39 -0700 (MST)

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Subject: Save Big Bird (and friends)!

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>Subject: Save Big Bird (and friends)!
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>>Subject: Save Big Bird (and friends)!
>>Apologies for sending this again, but I forgot to sign the first one when I
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>>>Subject: Save Big Bird (and friends)!
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>>>>Save Sesame Street from being cancelled. This is a petition
>>>>to save Sesame Street. ALL YOU DO IS ADD YOUR NAME TO THE
>>>>LIST AT THE BOTTOM, then forward it to everyone you know.
>>>>The only time you send it to the included address is if you
>>>>are the 50th, 100th, etc. Send it on to everyone you know.
>>>>PBS, NPR (National Public Radio), and the arts are facing
>>>>major cutbacks in funding. In spite of the efforts of each
>>>>station to reduce spending costs and streamline their
>>>>services, the government officials believe that the funding
>>>>currently going to these programs is too large a portion of
>>>>funding for something which is seen as "unworthwhile."
>>>>Currently, taxes from the general public for PBS equal $1.12
>>>>per person per year, and the National Endowment for the Arts
>>>>equals $.64 a year in total. A January 1995 CNN/USA
>>>>Today/Gallup poll indicated that 76% of Americans wish to
>>>>keep funding for PBS, third only to national defense and law
>>>>enforcement as the most valuable programs for federal
>>>>Each year, the Senate and House Appropriations commitees
>>>>each have 13 subcommitees with jurisdiction over many
>>>>programs and agencies. Each subcommitee passes its own
>>>>appropriation bill. The goal each year is to have each bill
>>>>signed by the beginning of the fiscal year, which is
>>>>October. In the instance of the Corporation of Public
>>>>Broadcasting, the bill determines the funding for the next
>>>>three years. When this issue comes up in 1996, the funding
>>>>will be determined for fiscal years 1996-1998.
>>>>The only way that our representatives can be aware of the
>>>>base of support for PBS and funding for these types of
>>>>programs is by making our voices heard. Please add your name
>>>>to this list if you believe in what we stand for. This list
>>>>will be forwarded to the President of the United States, the
>>>>Vice President of the United States, the House of
>>>>Representatives and Congress.
>>>>If you happen to be the 50th, 100th, 150th, etc. signer of
>>>>this petition, please forward to:
>>>>kubi7975. This way we can keep track of
>>>>the lists and organize them. Forward this to everyone you
>>>>know, and help us to keep these programs alive.
>>>>Thank you.
>>>> 1. Elizabeth Weinert, student, University of Northern
>>>> 2. Nikki Marchman, student, University of Northern
>>>>Colorado, Colorado.
>>>> 3. Laura King, Salt Lake City, Utah
>>>> 4. Mary Lambert, San Francisco, CA
>>>> 5. Sam Tucker, Seattle, WA
>>>> 6. Steve Mack, Seattle, WA
>>>> 7. Stacy Shelley, Sub Pop Records, Seattle, WA.
>>>> 8. Amy Saaed, Seattle, WA
>>>> 9. Jill Hudgins, Atlanta, GA
>>>> 10. Alex Goolsby, student, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
>>>> 11. Aisha K. McGriff, North Carolina School of Science and
>>>> 12. Amy Brushwood, North Carolina School of Science and
>>>> 13. Mason Blackwell, student The College of William and
>>>> 14. Melinda Murphy, student, St. Mary's College of Maryland
>>>> 15. Amy Raphael, student, University of Pennsylvania
>>>> 16. Nancy Adleman, student, Stanford University
>>>> 17. Paul Bodnar, student, Stanford University
>>>> 18. Kunal Bajaj, student, University of Pennsylvania
>>>> 19. Sharon Seltzer, student, University of Pennsylvania
>>>> 20. Sugirtha Vivekananthan, student, University of
>>>> 21. Ann Wang, student, University of Pennsylvania
>>>> 22. Seth Resler, student, Brown University
>>>> 23. Leslie Ching, student, Brown University
>>>> 24. Sylvia Barbut, student, Carnegie Mellon University
>>>> 25. Karri Plotkin, student, Carnegie Mellon University
>>>> 26. Kamilla Chaudh, student, Emory University
>>>> 27. Jon Gordon,student,Princeton University
>>>> 28. Nadine Knight, student, Princeton University
>>>> 27. Erica Amianda, student, Johns Hopkins University
>>>> 30. Rachel Pletcher, student, Johns Hopkins University
>>>> 31. Janet Aardema, student, Davidson College
>>>> 32. Kelly Kiefer, student, Davidson College
>>>> 33. Jane Ruschky, student, Davidson College
>>>> 34. Courtney Pace, student, Davidson College
>>>> 35. Allison Patten, student, Northwestern University
>>>> 36. Chad Ballentine, student, Franklin Road Academy
>>>> 37. Allison Patten, student, Northwestern University
>>>> 38. Rachel Allen, student, Rhodes College
>>>> 39. Mary Rose Herbert, student, Guilford College
>>>> 40. Christie Todd, student, Rhodes College
>>>> 41. Athena Petropoulos, Rhodes College
>>>> 42. Kathryn Hoang, student, Rhodes College
>>>> 43. Lan To, student, Rhodes College
>>>> 44. Ben Hagy, student, Reed College
>>>> 45. Stephanie Marrs, student, University of Pennsylvania
>>>> 46. Meg Smith, student, Rice University
>>>> 47. Julian Zinn, student, University of Texas
>>>> 48. Adam Talianchich, student, University of Texas
>>>> 49. Michael GLazner, student, Southwestern Universirty
>>>> 50. Katherine Rainwater, student, Southwestern University
>>>> 51. Will O'Brien, student, Southwestern University
>>>> 52. Meridith McConnell, student, Southwestern University
>>>> 53. Amy Cassata, student, Trinity University
>>>> 54. Heather Hanchett, student, Trinity University
>>>> 55. Mike Elsner, student, Trinity University, San Antonio
>>>> 56. ND Victor Carsrud, student, University of Texas
>>>> MedicalBranch,Galveston
>>>> 57. Michael Eisenstein, Engineer, Dallas, TX
>>>> 58. Tehmina Banatwala, English Teacher, Houston, TX
>>>> 59. Paula Leigh Cox, Account Executive, San Antonio, TX
>>>> 60. Jennifer Franks, Account executive, San Antonio, TX
>>>> 61. Mike Mineo, student, UT medical school, Houston, TX
>>>> 62. Andre de Launay, Amer. Grad. School of Intl.Mgmt,
>>>>Glendale, AZ
>>>> 63. Tawne Bachus, Thunerbird, the American Grad School of
>>>>Intl. Mgmt., Glendale, AZ.
>>>> 64. Ty Bachus, graphic designer, Herndon, VA
>>>> 65. Thomas Inskip, software engineer, Washington, DC.
>>>> 66. Dana Hollish, Green Seal
>>>> 67. Neil Payne, St. Mary's College, MD
>>>> 68. Douglas G. Davis, Gainesville, Fl.
>>>> 69. Paula Garfinkle, Potomac, MD
>>>> 70. Jeff Boodman, Falls Church, VA
>>>> 71. Erica Sangster, Graduate School of Design, Cambridge MA
>>>> 72. Nathalia Glickman, Graduate student, University of
>>>>Oregon, Eugene, OR.
>>>> 73. Chee Chan, Ex-Pat, Singapore
>>>> 74. Justin Tan, University of Toronto, Canada
>>>> 75. Sue Burrows, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
>>>> 76. Kelly Cox, York University, Toronto, Canada
>>>> 77. Amanda Holt, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto,
>>>> 78. Sara Fisher, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
>>>> 79. Elliot Salmons, Ryerson Polytechnic University,
>>>>Toronto, Canada
>>>> 80. Dori Skye, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto,
>>>> 81. Jana Atkins, York University, Toronto, Canada
>>>> 82. Joshua Engel, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
>>>> 83. Haim Gorodzinsky, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
>>>> 84. Melissa Medley, Loyola University Chicago, IL
>>>> 85. Kim Puhr, Loyola University Chicago, IL
>>>> 86. Lena Dukic, Chicago, IL
>>>> 87. Betsy Greer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,
>>>> 88. Lisa Thompson, University of North Carolina, Chapel
>>>>Hill, NC
>>>> 89. Ryan Emanuel, Duke University, Durham, NC
>>>> 90. Gautham Venkat, University of Pennsylvania,
>>>>Philadelphia, PA
>>>> 91. Christina Varughese, u of penn, phila, pa
>>>> 92. John Varghese, student,University of Md at Baltimore
>>>> 93. Jason Putsche, student, University of Md at Baltimore
>>>> 94. Melissa Koponen, student, St John's University, Queens,
>>>> 95. Peter C. Frank, student, New York Law School, New York,
>>>> 96. Mark J. Bousquet, student, Rensselaer Polytechnic
>>>>Institute, NY
>>>> 97. Roberta E. Chase, student, Rensselaer Polytechnic
>>>>Institute, NY
>>>> 98. David A. Phillips, student, Rensselaer Polytechnic
>>>>Institute, NY
>>>> 99. James E. Charbonneau, student, Virginia Tech, VA
>>>> 100. Sara M. Eells, student, Virginia Tech, VA
>>>> 101. Courtney Reiter, student, Virginia Tech, VA
>>>> 102. Larissa Buccolo, student, Virginia Tech, VA
>>>> 103. Amanda Hill, student, Indiana University, IN
>>>> 104. Tony Grimes, student, Indiana University, IN
>>>> 105. Laurie Metzger, student, Indiana University,
>>>>Bloomington, IN
>>>> 106. Amy Smith, student, University of Maryland, College
>>>>Park, MD
>>>> 107. Michelle Crispino, student, University of
>>>>Maryland,College Park, MD
>>>> 108. Antonella Cavallo, student, University of Maryland,
>>>>College Park, MD
>>>> 109. Ranjana Varghese, student, University of Maryland,
>>>>College Park, MD
>>>> 110. Jennifer McCloskey, student, University of Maryland,
>>>>College Park, MD
>>>> 111. Jenni DuBreuil, student, Salisbury State University,
>>>> 112. Greg Zapiec, student, Salisbury State University, MD
>>>> 113. Helen Woods, student, Salisbury State University, MD
>>>> 114. Gary Bringman, student, Salisbury, State University,
>>>> 115. Dave Rabinovitz, Fan of Snuffulluffagas, New Rochelle,
>>>>New York
>>>> 116. Thea S. Lovallo, Dated Elmo, Port Chester,NY (student)
>>>> 117. Scott Johnson, I am the Cookie Monster. Coo Coo Ca
>>>>Nashville, TN (musician)
>>>> 118. Emily Johnson, Bert & Ernie fan, Nashville, TN
>>>> 119. Greg Engel, I count numbers, Pittsburgh, PA (dentist)
>>>> 120. Franco Sicilia, Jr., I loved Mr Hooper, Philadelphia,
>>>> 121. Kelly Icardi, Bitten by The Count, Pittsburgh, PA
>>>> 122. Lisa Yaszek, graduate student, University of
>>>>Wisconsin, Madison, WI
>>>> 123. Grant Carmichael, Sesame St. makes great use of TV,
>>>>Grand Rapids, MI
>>>> 124. Jeffery J. Glasen, Coopersburg, PA
>>>> 125. Laura Trausch Snyder, High School Math Teacher, Lisle,
>>>> -Please don't take away Big Bird!
>>>> 126. Christine Holguin - San Diego Ca. - Grew up on Sesame
>>>>Street!!! Save it for my kids!!!!!
>>>> 127. Bess Baer, San Diego, CA
>>>> 128. Candice Anderson, Newport Beach, CA
>>>> 129. Rachel Goodwin, M.S., San Francisco, CA I still watch
>>>>Sesame Street!!
>>>> It's the greatest. Just today I saw Oscar teach Sloppy to
>>>> 130. Judy Corse, Jr. High Teacher, Eagle Rock, CA
>>>> 131. W. Bruce Watson, Livermore, CA
>>>> 132. Ed Costello, Pleasanton, CA. Brought to you today by
>>>>the number '5'.
>>>> 133. Julie Buehler, San Bruno, CA
>>>> 134. Denise Ann Maurer, Palo Alto, CA Save the
>>>> 135. B. Kyle Partridge, Somerville, MA "Mana manam. Doot
>>>>doo dee doo doo!"
>>>> 136. A.Y. Laury, Somerville, MA The seeds planted by Sesame
>>>>can one day save the world.
>>>> 137. Alexis M. Scott, Lexington, MA
>>>> 138. S. Steele, Woodbridge, VA
>>>> 139. Alexander Whitney, Associate Scientist, Plainsboro, NJ
>>>> 140. Monica Belton, Assistant Microbiologist, Andover, NJ
>>>> 141. Marika Skiadas, Assistant Microbiologist, Somerset, NJ
>>>> 142. Ann Skiadas, Environmental Engineer, Somerset, NJ
>>>> 143. Sharone Menczel, law student, University of
>>>> where are the ten missing numbers? (doug anderson, who will
>>>>be 158)
>>>> 153. Beth Ritter, Awards Coordinator-MTV Networks New York
>>>> 156. Julie Kellman MTV Animation-MTV Networks New York
>>>> 157. Rachelle Etienne MTV Production-MTV Networks, New York
>>>> 158. Doug Anderson- Associate Producer- MTV SPORTS, NYC
>>>> 159. Cinnamon-Anne Booth-Production Coordinator,MTV House
>>>>of Style,NYC
>>>> 160. Brian Cooper- Production Coordinator, MTV On Air
>>>>Promos, NYC
>>>> 161. Marisa Fazzina- Coordinator, MTV On Air Graphics, NYC
>>>>Street is part of American History!!!
>>>> 162. Lynne Mishele- Freelance Producer, NYC
>>>> 163. July Lopez-MTV On Air Graphics,NYC
>>>> 164. Henry Lescaille - MTVN Human Resources, NYC
>>>> 165. Matthew Larsen - MTVN Human Resources, NYC
>>>> 166. Jennifer Langheld - MTV Traffic Assistant, NYC
>>>> 167. Alyson Leonard- Coordinator, MTV Production Library,
>>>> 168. R.J. Murphy - Studio Manager, MTV Animation, NYC
>>>> 169. Michelle Volpe - Office Manager, Cambridge Technology
>>>>Partners, NYC
>>>> 170. Nandita Bery - Software Developer, CTP, NYC
>>>> 171. Mike Apmann - Ernie & Bert rock. Computer Geek, Pepsi
>>>>Cola, Somers NY
>>>> 172. Sal Ulto - Pepsi Cola Somers NY
>>>> 173. Melissa Ulto - Freelance Productions, NY
>>>> 174. Bill Aron, Los Angeles
>>>> 175 Michael Signer, Notre Dame, IN
>>>> 176 Judy Axonovitz -Univ. of Southern California Los
>>>> 177 Milton DeNicholas - Manager, CFI ProServices, Portland,
>>>> 178. Pattric Rawlins, Portland, OR.
>>>> 179. Janet Petersen, Portland, OR
>>>> 180. Kelly J. Horton, Beaverton, Oregon
>>>> 181. Tracy Horton, San Jose, California
>>>> 182. Karmen Marr, San Jose, California 183. Mary Messano,
>>>>Mountain View, CA--it's where I learned sign language,
>>>>Spanish and my numbers without realizing I was learning! I
>>>>still love to watch it!
>>>> 184. Diana K. Turner, San Jose, CA (via Brisbane Australia)
>>>>-- You can't take Sesame Street off the air, where would
>>>>Bert and Ernie live!!!
>>>> 185. Carolyn Tidwell, Atherton, CA
>>>> 186. Michelle McKee, Redwood City, CA
>>>> 187. Carol Arguero, Redwood City, CA
>>>> 188. Rita Rawan, Boston, MA
>>>> 189. Nicole Rawan, Boston, MA
>>>> 190. Charles Golden, Boston, MA
>>>> 191. Gregg Teixeira, Boston, MA
>>>> 193. Melanie L. Daglian, Boston, MA
>>>> 194. Patti Kadick, Boston, MA
>>>> 195. Joni Overton Jung, Toronto, Ontario
>>>> 196. Chris Michael, Chicago, IL
>>>> 197. Michael Dodge, Chicago, IL
>>>> 198. Jennifer Selangowski, Lansing, IL
>>>> 199. Katie Sullivan, Chicago, IL
>>>> 200. Kristin Dabrowski, IL
>>>> 201. Kari Dabrowski, Lansing, IL
>>>> 202. Deborah Paun, Lansing, IL
>>>> 203. Alison Beaver, Chicago, IL
>>>> 204. Erin Turtel, Evanston, IL
>>>> 205. Melissa Turtel, Seattle, WA
>>>> 206. Hammi Hammerschmidt, Seattle, WA (USA)
>>>> 207. Christian Seefeldt, Cologne, Germany
>>>> 208. Lizzie Frege, Cologne, Germany
>>>> 209. Daniel Hussong, Cologne-Beverungen, Germany
>>>> 210. Carsten Stricker, Bochum, Germany
>>>> 211. Anja Kutzner, Berlin, Germany
>>>> 212. Philipp Thuerwaechter, Berlin, Germany
>>>> 213. Erik Hobijn, LOVE MAIL COOKIES , Berlin/Amsterdam,
>>>> Germany/Netherlands
>>>> 214. Andreas Broeckmann, Rotterdam/Berlin, NL/D
>>>> 215 Nina Meilof, Amsterdam, NL
>>>> 216 Jos Verhoeff, Bois d'Arcy, Frankrijk
>>>> 217 Pepijn van de Geer, Nijmegen, Nederland
>>>> 218 marianne heyde, Beuningen, Nederland
>>>> 219 sophie heyde, Beuningen, Nederland
>>>> 220. Julie Kiefer-St. Louis, MO
>>>> 221. Michelle Progar-Vernon Hills, IL
>>>> 222. Marcela Villarreal-London,Ontario
>>>> 223. Ryanne Andrade - Mississauga, Ontario
>>>> 224. Ryan Aubin - Georgetown , Ontario. Prof.dr.Ludwig
>>>>Heyde Dept.of Philosophy
>>>> 225. Terri Potratz, Richmond BC, Sesame Street Rocks!! kids
>>>>can learn so much from it!!!
>>>> 226. Katy Saito, Mississauga, Ontario, SESAME STREET IS AN
>>>> 227. Brad Mills, Brantford Ontario. Sesame Street is COOL!
>>>>I'm so glad it was there for me when i was little! SAVE
>>>> 228.Hana Miller, Melbourne Australia. DON'T LET BIG BIRD
>>>> 229.Rochelle Wheller, Melbourne Australia. Don't take it
>>>>away! Then I won't have anything to watch!
>>>> 230."God made man before woman because you always make a
>>>>draft before a masterpiece." ~I forget who said that~ Nor
>>>>Aishah-Sesame Street fan I still watch it!!
>>>> 231.Nurhana, Singapore- I LOVE SESAME STREET!!!!
>>>> 232.Eleen, S'pore ---NO!!!don't kill my cookie monster!!!!!
>>>> 233. Amy. *pooey* no. not ernie!! bert!!! come back!!!
>>>> 234. Diana, s'pore, student -- u cannot take away sesame
>>>>street cos its the only show for kids on TV today which
>>>>actually educates. if u take away sesame street, kids will
>>>>grow up deprived. imagine a generation of children raised on
>>>>mighty morphin power rangers.
>>>> 235. Wu Xianyi
>>>> 236. Jeremy Yap, Singapore
>>>> The world would be a sad place without sesame street.
>>>> 237. Benjamin Ma, Singapore Can you tell me how to get, how
>>>>to get to Sesame Street. I LOVE SESAME STREET, YOU PEOPLE
>>>> 238. Sandra Ho, Singapore. What's going to happen to
>>>> 239. Gillian Koh, Singapore. We NEED Ernie and Bert, too!!
>>>> 240.Kwek Ju-Yang, Singapore. I *live* on it. I would'nt be
>>>>here without Big bird & gang.
>>>> 241. Julie Chang, New York. How can you say you are
>>>>building a brighter future for the next generation if you
>>>>are taking away the funding for programs such as Sesame
>>>>Street. Kids can't learn from and play with a Star Wars
>>>>defense system.
>>>> 242. Danielle Gryskiewicz, Cambridge, MA It is programming
>>>>like Sesame Street and National Public Radio that educate
>>>>and bring together generation after generation. I grew up on
>>>>Sesame Street and now I begin and end my day with NPR. How
>>>>can you talk about family values and pull funding for
>>>>programs aimed at educating and informing our community?
>>>> 243. Meghan O'Neill, San Francisco, CA. I grew up with
>>>>Sesame Street and had planned on having my kids grow up with
>>>>it too. Please don't take such a wonderful learning
>>>>experience away from our kids (especially in the television
>>>> 244. Steve Pierce, San Francisco, CA. What would you have
>>>>them watch? Just somebody, please, look at kid's
>>>>programming, and tell me how anyone with a caring bone in
>>>>their body could subject a child to a life without the
>>>> 245. Paul Schneider, El Cerrito, CA.
>>>> 246. Anita Goldstein, El Cerrito, CA.
>>>> 247. Bill Brier, Northridge, Ca.
>>>> 248. Chris Bowers, Valencia, CA
>>>> 249. Bernice Doerfler, Disney-Buena Vista Int'l TV, Los
>>>>Angeles, CA
>>>> 250. Danielle Bonequi, San Francisco, CA
>>>> 251. Lynne Curry, Johns Hopkins University School of
>>>>Medicine, Baltimore.
>>>> 252. Eric M. Munro, Johns Hopkins University School of
>>>>Medicine, Baltimore.
>>>> 253. Jennifer Munro, NASA Center for AeroSpace Information
>>>>(CASI), MD.
>>>> 254. Celine Greene -- Sesame Street Groupie, Baltimore, MD
>>>> 255. Sandy Burgess, Frederick, MD
>>>> 256. Lisa Fruth, Annapolis, MD
>>>> 257. Jennifer Stanfield, University of Delaware
>>>> 258. Rebecca L. Scalio, Temple University School of Law,
>>>>Phila., PA
>>>> 259. Nicole Weber,University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
>>>> 260. Dawn M. Kitchen, Department of Ecology, University of
>>>>Minnesota, St.Paul, MN
>>>> 261. Tim Susman, Dept. of Ecology, Univ. of Minnesota, St.
>>>>Paul, MN
>>>> 262. John Nunnemacher, Class6 Entertainment, Hollywood, CA
>>>> 263. Andy Wilson, Vortex Media Arts, Burbank, CA.
>>>>264. Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer, Los Gatos, CA
>>>>265. Will Hoover, Realtime Video, San Francisco, CA
>>>>266. Anna Hoover, Realtime Video, San Francisco, CA
>>>>267. Eric Malone, Sun Microsystem, Mountain View, CA
>>>>268. Janet Malone, Homemaker, Mountain View, CA
>>>>269. Bill Norton, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Mountain View, CA
>>>>270. Bob Corman, parent, Mountain View, CA
>>>>280. Karla Brazeau, student, Milwaukee, WI
>>>>281. Tony Brazeau, ITV Coordinator, San Jose, CA
>>>>282. Jim Taylor, Oakland, CA
>>>>283. Maria De La Rosa, student, Stanford University; teacher, Prospect
>>>>HS; dancer, Los Lupenos de San Jose (which receives funding such as =
>>>>San Jose, CA----- stop the madness!
>>>>284. Kate Goka, student, Stanford University; teacher, Silver Creek =
>>>>School, San Jose, CA; I want Sesame Street to be around to teach my
>>>>children as well as my grandchildren.=20
>>>>285. Catherine Salvin, teacher, Downtown High School, San Francisco, CA
>>> 286. Robert Burke, SFUSD Secondary Division
>>> 287. Laura Critchfield, SFUSD Secondary Division
>>>288. Gregg Bender, San Francisco Unified School District Business =
>>> (Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie are not fluff! We could get by without
>>>lots =
>>>and lots of government funded stuff before losing Sesame Street!)
>>>289. Judith Warren Little, UC Berkeley (ditto--there are far better targets
>>>for cuts than NPR)
>290. Nancy Erbstein, UC Berkeley
291. Kristen Zimmerman, Community LORE, Oakland, CA
292. Lisa Levenson, U of Az. art ed grad student, Tucson, AZ