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Re: Jacob Lawrence and cave art

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Becky Alexander (Bekalex)
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 19:44:29 -0700

Grand94 asked:

>2) I would also appreciate any information or lesson plans on cave art.

Found this in the dusty files. I've seen it very successfully done
as room decor at 6th grade level. Also well done at primary levels on
smaller scale.


Objective: To enhance student concept of primitive art.

Activity Objective: Student will draw animal forms by using a twig and black
paint on brown paper.

Background: Franco-cantabrian cave paintings 10,000 B.C.
Lascaux Cave Paintings of Southern Grance 10 - 15,000 B.C.
Altamira, Spain
East Spanish Rock Shelter paintings 3,000 B.C.
Indian Rock Paintings

(Prints for viewing (DBAE-style?) available from Shorewood.)

(I found it on Yahoo under a "cave paintings" search.)


Brown wrapping paper, butcher paper, bags etc.
Black tempera paint or India Ink
Containers for paint
Newspapers to cover desks/tables

1. Crumple the brown paper to simulate the texture of a cave
2. Make a handprint by paintina a hand and pressing on the
3. Dip one end of the twig into the black paint tray or ink
bottle and draw the animals for the hunt of the day. Allow
to dry completely.
4. Gently tear away the excess edge.

Make papers large (36"x36") and cover class windows, hang
draped across ceiling and staple to walls making the classroom
into a "cave".

Hope it helps.

Becky Alexander
Porterville, Ca.

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