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Cave Art

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Christina Arndt (carndt)
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 19:03:52 -0500

Project: Its O.K. to Draw on the Walls

Materials: Cellu-clay(mix according to package), water-soluble crayons,
water containers, paper towels, sketch paper, pencil, cave
visuals, flashlight.

1. Begin lesson by turning off lights and flashlight on to create a
cavelike atmosphere.
2. Have students discuss life in a cave (food preparation, daily
activity, communication, survival, art materials) Turn lights back on.
3. Show visuals and discuss the significance of the art work to the
prehistoric man. (to capture the animal's spirit before the hunt?)
4.Discuss the process of creating art materials and animal images.

1. Have students practice sketching animals from prehistoric times. The
animal should be the type hunted during the Stone Age.
2. Pass out palm sized pieces of Cellu-Clay on a paper towel. Have
students flatten to a pancake thickness. Encourage irregular shapes to
suggest cave wall.
3. Use sketch as a guide to create animal image using water-soluble
crayons on the moist cellu-clay.
4. Set aside to dry 3-4 days and remove from the paper towel.
Week Two:
1. As a homework assignment have students bring in a home made
2. On a 9x12 piece of paper students trace their hand and then use the
brush to paint the negative space.(During prehistoric times, cavemen
placed their hands on the cave wall and blew paint through a hollow bone
to create a negative image of their hands. Could this have been their

This project is published in the back of Mark Kistler's Imagination
Hope it helps
Tina ARndT
Whiteford Elementary

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