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Re: Art of Incas

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Tue, 29 Oct 1996 12:27:10 -0500


I think you have selected a rich topic to explore with this age group. As
people have already noted, these cultures did some fantastic weavings.....

....the most impressive of which is the PARACAS TEXTILE!!!! When I go to see
this textile at the Brooklyn Museum I am *always* reduced to tears because of
the sheer artistry. Nothing beats a good cry in a public place!! ;-)

The Brooklyn Museum has produced a nifty little folding-out pamphlet which
describes in great detail the weaving techniques (warp wrapping, I believe)
used to make this fine example of fiber mastery, as well as some of the
disturbing imagery (trophy heads). The Brooklyn Museum custimarily asks for
$1.00 for each brochure but for an educational cause I betcha' they would
send you a whole bunch if you asked nicely. They have great weekend
educational programs there and may even have some other age-appropriate
literature on the textile and the Incas.

I have designed a web page dedicated to ancient Peruvian imagery. It is
modest and the animation is messed up, but there you can find some drawings
and a hot link to the Brooklyn Museum's Paracas Textile page, which
unfortunately takes ETERNITY to load. The web page simply does not do it
justice, especially with the vibrantly colored characters on the perimiter of
the textile. (they look as bizarre as the drawings on my peruvian web page
and the needlework is simply exquisite). It also has the address of the
Brooklyn Musuem so you can write away for those brochures.


Good luck! Keep me abreast of what you do. I'm a bit of a Pre-Columbian art
history buff in case you can't tell!!! ;-)

Alison King
Columbia University
Teachers College