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Re: teaching in "the field"

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Becky Alexander (Bekalex)
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 12:21:27 -0700

Yes, that's very true. But it is not only in the arts!! Business
is noted for this idea. I remember the phrase "Does she work? Or does she
just teach?" from my childhood. Journalism teachers have this thrown at
them too. Teaching is not respected in some fields. I think that art is
one of those fields, furthermore: some professors feel it and, in their
insecurity, pass it on.

Also, many times (!) students would like to go into "the field" but
feel they need an "education degree" to back them up and give them some
security. Although this is many times a good idea from a personal view, it
does little to give either field (education or the primary one) much
respect. With "art" becoming more and more respectable on it's own (See
Business Week Oct. 28)
realities about the art major's "proespects" may come to change.

On the other hand, Education Majors are sometimes regarded as
"would have beens" because in all reality *some* "would have rather been"
in their 1st choice field totally. Maybe if teaching becomes it's own
profession and some of the other fields become more viable economically,
this, too, will change.

Not looking for a lot of change any time soon.

Becky Alexander
Porterville, Ca.

>I am currently an art ed master's student at a university and find it true
>and ironic that some of the university professors of art look with scorn on
>art ed students when they themselves are art educators. they seem to
>conveniently overlook the fact they are in the profession they ridicule.
>Unfortunately i also noticed some art ed students not taking the quality
>of their own art seriously and this perpetuates the problem.