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JudaOrlandi, Marilyn (Marilyn.JudaOrlandi)
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 08:43:00 +0002

For Ellen Sears: you said

>I have been searching for ways to make the art room user friendly for my
primary students - I just started having our youngest come to the art room
(we have a K, K-1 s, 2-3 s - ungraded primary) they have a hard time
painting at the tables, cleaning brushes, washing hands... (I feel horrible
complaining about things, knowing that there are traveling teachers that do
this all ?a la cart ) -

Near each table I keep large, flat bottomed buckets with a few inches of
soapy water, a small pitcher with clean water, a small bucket for dirty
water, and a roll of paper towels. Each child has an empty yogurt cup for
individual use. That s where I am now - everyone seems to be able to reach

what they need, and there are fewer accidents. Has anyone else found
>something that works for them?

I find the youngest children are attracted to water and wind up playing with
the water instead of using it to clean hands etc....this is my solution. I
make my own "Fresh 'n Clean" by taking a roll of paper towels, spraying it
with slightly soapy water, then putting it in a plastic bag overnight so
that the humidity is evenly distributed. Next day you take them out and
have cheap "Fresh n Cleans" to clean hands or table tops with.....It takes a
bit of practice to get just the right amount of humidity so that they are
damp but not soggy...but try it!

Marilyn Juda-Orlandi