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Re: Spectra Visual Arts Curriculum

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Becky Alexander (Bekalex)
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 17:52:42 -0700

Hi, Wendy, Lauren, Jill and anyone else reading:

I teach elementary because I didn't want to get stuck teaching one
subject all day long. I love teaching all areas. I do have more art
teaching experience than the other areas, though, and am the art mentor for
the district.

No subject area, to my knowledge, has a perfect program or
curriculum. I use Mathland and have to add. I use Scott Foresman Science
and Language and have to add. I use a reading curriculum entirely of my own
devising including whole language, literature and phonics!

Some teachers rarely add to the programs they use. I add to all of
Because we add to Spectra does not mean that it is not a very good program.

Just some input from another perspective.

Becky Alexander
Porterville, Ca

>I have used Spectra as well in grades 1-6. I also did an in depth analysis
>as part of a university project correlating it with a DBAE philosophy.
>What I found with the project and experience can not be generalized by a
>statement. However, there are certain commonalities.
>They all contain:
> slides
> teacher lesson plans
> materials lists
> resources
> a guided script
> evaluation
> vocabulary- for the teacher
> Grades 5 and 6- contain profiles of artists or time periods in neat
> one page Xerox ready copies.
> Grade 3 is practically devoid of any multicultural aspect.
> Grade 4 is very basic Elements and Principals.
>This is like others have stated a great beginning teacher curriculum guide.
>I use slides from various grade levels to create my own lessons as well.
>I have my student teachers begin their research in creating a lesson with
>the Spectra series to give them ideas.
>Texas has adopted 3 programs, Spectra, ArtWorks and Through Their Eyes.
>Of the three, Spectra is grade level appropriate for the population of the
>school. The ArtWorks program is sometimes above grade level and each grade
>is a large concept/unit for the entire book.
>The development of a curriculum many times is based upon a published
>Don't be afraid to experiment and keeps the others handy!
>Lauren H. Killam
>Denton ISD