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Re: Middle School Administration

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Betti Longinotti (blongino)
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 12:24:50 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Bunki!
You might not want to talk with me because I'm friends with
Lynn. I have served as a Lead Art Teacher for the WS/FC Schools for the
past 6 years, after our supervisor retired during the wave of
restructuring. My role is quasi-supervision, for the past 2 years it has
been with K-12 art education. I work with about 75 art teachers and I am
based at a school, not at Central Office. Part of my responsibilities
include serving as a mentor teacher for new art teachers. I create
opportunities to work directly with students within our school system. I
am classified and am paid as a teacher, not an administrator or
supervisor. I am still in the process of learning how not to get taken
advantage of, but think it is vitally important that our Art Department
is represented well. I presented on this role a couple of year's ago at
the NAEA Convention in Baltimore, it came under the
Supervision/Administration Division. I am qualified/certified as an art
teacher and in supervision. I would think there may be many
lead teachers out there, but as we are in a non-traditional role it is
hard to organize who we are, where we are, what role we play, and how we
are compensated. I would be interested in knowing if there are others
out there like me, in a similar role.

-Betti L.
WS/FC Schools

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Bunki Kramer wrote:

> You wrote..........
> > Here is a question for everyone. What other ways are there to organize an
> >administrative group besides the Principal/Supervisor concept? Does any
> >school have an alternative option/visonary approach to restructuring these
> >positions?
> >Joyce Finley at Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii jfinley
> .................end message......................
> Aloha to you too, Joyce!
> Although my state of CA is fabulous, I miss your warm waters!!!
> I don't know if this is what you are looking for but let me tell you about
> our middle school situation and the status of our principal. It is somewhat
> unique!
> About 3 years ago we had a major blowout between staff and principal. Our
> staff is a little over 50 strong with many, many chiefs and very few
> indians! By that I mean lots of strong opinions and strong personalities.
> There have been major clashes in the past with admin. The teachers in our
> school, with the help of the Asst. Superintendent of our district, set up a
> Governance Committee composed of 15 elected representative teachers. We met
> once a month...the principal included...and discussed the major decisions
> that go on in our particular school. We would run the meeting, the
> principal was just a listener (so to speak). We then reported back to our
> constituents
> (each of us had 3-4) and took a poll on their opinions. We met again and
> discussed opinions and made decisions based on what WE wanted. Some
> decisions by the district we could not change but WE basically ran the
> school-decision making. The principal had a hard time at first giving up
> authority to us but it made, in the end, a smoother running system. We also
> did alot of bonding workshops between the staff and admin. This committee
> also discussed staff conflicts and made decisions in the best interest of
> the entire staff. At least everyone could be heard here by their peers and
> it helped several people and their problems. Everyone to be heard had to
> submit their concern in written form 2 weeks ahead of our meeting so the
> comm. members could be prepared to discuss it together. Saved lots of time!
> Because of this system, there was no need for faculty meetings!
> We have disbanded the Governance Comm. this year and are going back to
> faculty meetings run by the teachers, timed by the teachers, planned by the
> teachers and the principal will be sitting with the staff and not leading
> or running the meetings. We have successfully blunted top-down management
> and it is working great! The principal still meets with the parents, has
> the big office, but we are all working together now and EQUALLY!!!!!
> Bunki Kramer
> Los Cerros Middle School
> 968 Blemer Road
> Danville, California 94526
> sch.# 510-552-5620