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Computers, yet again!

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Cynthia McKeon (dpwstory)
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 20:05:12 -0400

Hi everyone!

I know that there has been some discussion about the use of computers in
the art classroom, but I have some specifics which I would appreciate being
answered. I am an elementary art teacher who is trying to garner support
for computers in the art classrooms in my district and will be co-teaching
a workshop with my commercial artist husband to other school system art
teachers/computer specialists. We plan on addressing justification
(including Massachusetts State Standards which now require the use of
Technology and Authentic Assessment), recommended hardware, software, the
internet, teaching tools, etc. We will be presenting both fine and
commercial art currently being created by professionals as well as by
students. If you would take a few minutes to think about the following, It
would really help me focus the large amounts of information which I have

1) If you were to attend such a workshop, what would you like to most
spend the time on; experimenting with programs, discussing art classroom
integration of technology; etc.? I do not want this to be boring, but we
will have only one computer for 6 people.

2) What was your favorite/most useful part of a similar workshop which
you attended?

3) Would you find it helpful to have a printed list of URL's by category?

4) Do you have any "fun" art sites on the Internet (I have plenty of
museums and galleries), or any humor about computer art which I may share
with my colleagues?

5) Have any of you used the computer for assessment purposes (and how;
did you use specific programs such as Learner Profile? Have you used this
with a Newton? Did you scan student work in? etc.)

6) Would you highly recommend any CD Roms? (I have "With Open Eyes"
"Microsoft Art Gallery" and will be getting "ArtRageous" soon).

7) For those of you at the High School level, do you use Painter or
Illustrator by Fractal Design? Do you find them useful, or would you
prefer something a little simpler? Have any of you used Dabbler II in the
art classroom at any level? What is the response from students?

8) Do any of you use Wacam Tablets, or do you primarily use mouses?

9) How do you deal with the large image files? Do any of you use Zip

10) What has been the greatest benefit/greatest frustration for your
students using computers?

11) What has been the greatest benefit/greatest frustration for you?
(Using computers)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And, thank you for all the the past
discussions about computer usage which I found via the ArtsEdNet Search
Engine - I will be referencing some of those conversations in the
presentation as well.

p.s. - anyone out there attending the Massachusetts Art Education
Association Annual Conference in Hyannis next week? I'd love to meet
fellow ArtsEdNet educators!

Cynthia McKeon
Foster Elementary School
55 Downer Avenue
Hingham, MA 02043