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Re: tempera dispensing

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Chris Merriam (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 10:01:44 -0600

Mark Alexander wrote:
> Dear Art Teachers,
> I have a practical problem that I'm sure someone out there can help me
> with. I need to find a better way to dispense tempera paints.
> I've been using egg cartons. For most standard painting projects, two
> students team up and share one carton, four brushes, and a one pint yogurt
> container of water. When serving a limited pallette I even use egg cartons
> cut in half. Although clean up is just an easy toss and the price is
> right, egg cartons seem to be getting rare. I'm having a hard time keeping
> the supply up with the demand. I also find them messy for mixing, and
> wasteful at clean up time.
> I do art on the cart, so the dispensing method must be compact, and able to
> fit in a kit-like box. Class sizes average 16, but I have one grades 1,2
> class with 34 students. The students work at small classroom desks in
> every conceivable arrangement, so again, small is best. There is virtually
> no storage available in the individual classrooms.
> We also have short periods for the most part, so I would like to avoid
> spending extra time setting up and cleaning out individual little cups. I
> prefer to refill as needed rather than put a lot of paint out in the
> beginning.
> Of course, I'm also on a limited budget. Those fancy cups in the catalogs
> that come with a brush hole and cover would be great, but too expensive for
> Falls Village right now. Any inexpensive and easy options out there in
> professional problem solving land? I look forward to hearing from you!

Do you have access to a food service supplier or Warehose discount store
like Sams Club or Price-Costco?
I invest $10 of my own money in 2 oz plastic cups and lids... (the kind
they give out pills in at a hospital) They work great, the paint stays
wet for weeks, the kids take good care of em with a little
Well worth the investment to save my own hassles:)
Christine Merriam, Art Educator
Kayenta Intermediate School
PO Box 337, Kayenta,AZ 86033