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Re: Exquisit Corpse

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Thu, 17 Oct 1996 11:25:14 -0400

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<< I once knew a museum curator who created art through sending post cards,
the receipents added to or completely changed the post card and mailed it
to another, and so on and so on - the result was a form of art - I forgot
what they called it - and it may have been part of a "movement" or
something - this was about 10 or 15 years ago -- have you heard of
anything like that?? - Anyway, I see similarities here - only through
Thanks for the thoughts

Lynn >>

The only thing similar to that which comes to mind right now is a surrealist
project, once done by the surrealists at parties....called "the Exquisit
Corpse." I saw them at the Chicago Art Institute in May:

8.5x11" paper is folded horizontally to create 4 sections. The top section is
the head; next section the upper torso to waist; third section down is for
the lower torso to the knees; and the final section is for the shoes/feet up
to the knee area.

The paper is folded to conceal the other areas while one person does their
section of the body...after they're done, they leave 2 lines overlapping into
the next section and fold it to conceal what they've finished. (I'll
sometimes have them label, 1,2,3,4 each section lightly in pencil on the side
so the others know which section of the "corpse" they're working on.

Each student has their own paper and the paper is passed to 4 other people.
You can have them draw quickly or leave it for a longer project so they can
really add details and color...either way, it's fun to see the results and
all the strange "exquisit corpses"

Hey! It might be a good Halloween Project rather than the cookie-cutter

{8-) 'Leni