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Re: Re: Final Word Re: spelling

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Mark Alexander (Alexander)mamjam)
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 19:07:21 -0500

I love my word processing program because it has a great spell checker.
I've never been a naturally good speller, and I think I'm now addicted to
that spell checker. Its a kind of crutch. Of course I have to be aware of
exactly which word it thinks I mean, but I'm usually fairly good at that.

My email program doesn't have a spell checker, and I use a ratty old
Websters. It always sits on the desk next to me. If I notice a word that
doesn't look right I check it out in Websters. Of course that doesn't do a
thing for those words I don't recognize as wrong. Email, being so
immediate, is not condusive to proof reading later on...another good way I
check my spelling.

The worst misspelling situations for me are when I'm writing on the board
in class (I ask students to look up words for me all the time!!), or while
jotting down quick notes to send home with a student, or to school to my
children's teachers. I'll frequently adjust the wording to avoid hard to
spell words.

I'll continue to work on it, but I expect I'll continue to misspell words
from time to time anyway. I guess I'm just short a bit on one of those 7
(now 8??) intelligences Gardner talks about.

Spelling is a problem for me and people around me tend to know it. But I
think most of them appreciate me for my art, for my skills as a parent, and
because of my abilities as a teacher and a citizen.

SO! If you notice I've misspelled a word that changes the meaning of my
writing, or makes it difficult to understand what I'm saying, or if its a
word like Kitsch or integration that I misspell repeatedly...just let me
know. I'd appreciate it. I love learning and I have a lot of learning to

Mark Alexander
1-8 Art
Lee H. Kellogg School
Falls Village, CT 06031

>Hi Leni
>I appreciate your point about spelling - when I misspell something it is
>usually to carelessness - I appreciate being reminded of correct spelling
>and we do need to be role models for our students and each other.
>I do have one question - I missed something -- what are NOH Masks? -
>just curious
>On Wed, 16 Oct 1996 ELENI53 wrote:
>> In a message dated 96-10-15 21:55:25 EDT, you write:
>> << So what if we spell a few words wrong. >>
>> Bill,
>> I need to step forward as being the first person on this board to mention the
>> mispelling of the word INTEGRATION. I did so, not with the intention of
>> smashing down the self-esteem of fellow art educators...I did so 1) because
>> the continual mispelling needled me 2) it wasn't a typo, and so I sought to
>> educate; thinking we all may be in a position to benefit 3) and finally SO
>> WHAT!!!!!
>> Are we so sensitive that correction of spelling sends us into a whirlwind of
>> bad feelings? We are educators for goodness sake! We encourage and educate
>> not only students but fellow teachers.
>> And on a personal being one who was corrected in my spelling TWO
>> times!! Once for NOH masks (I said HO) and for KITSCH (I said KITCH) , I
>> would like to thank the persons who did so.... no I will not pass on
>> incorrect words to my students!
>> Please! Let's not be so sensitive that we cannot take some correction!
>> 'Leni