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Re: Reply to so many!

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Lynn Foltz (lfoltz)
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 14:46:34 -0400 (EDT)


I hope that while we can and must respect each other's differing opinions
- and can certainly learn from each person's opinion - that we can also
enjoy the humor in our opinions as they may sometimes be divergent... I
can say that I have learned from each response - although I might not
agree with each one---- for example, yours reminds us that many are
listening and we should be senstive to each other's humanity


On Tue, 15 Oct 1996, William Norton wrote:

> Hi everyone:
> I haven't been able to read through all the messeges for about a week, boy
> what a shock! 350 messeges, and a whole lot of negative spirits!! What's
> happening to our wonderful group. Are we so stuck on our own little world
> to realize we are all in this game called education together. We need to
> take our jobs with excitement, not with distain for our fellow art
> educators. So what if we spell a few words wrong. I'm a horrible typist -
> watch the keyboard, etc. With a dragging left hand that consrtantly hits
> the caps-lock. I hope we don't come accross so negatively to our students?
> Where's the humor that was in this list? I realize it is just a few who
> come accross like this, so to the rest of you I apologize. How many times
> have we heard to stay away from negative people, for they will just drag
> you down! "Is your glass half empty or half full" Etc. etc.
> I went to a wonderful two day regional educational convention where Howard
> Gardner and David Lazear were the major presenters. Now I think I'm
> finally understanding the relationship of Left/Right Brain to Learning
> styles to the big picture called Multiple Intelligences. We have such an
> important job ahead to be the leaders of this movement where the Arts are
> by some peoples viewpoint, the catalyst for all the other
> Intelligences!!!!! With this huge task ahead how dare we cut each other
> down because of a few missed spelled words or viewpoints which may not be
> ours! Shame, Shame!!
> I also heard what I believe to be the best motivational speaker I have ever
> heard, as a closing speaker to this two day event. In my 25 years of
> teaching I have heard one heck of a lot of speakers. Now you wonder who
> could that be? well I won't keep you in suspense any longer. He was Jack
> Canfield. Author of "Chicken Soup For The Soul" What an inspiration!! He
> firmly believes we as teachers must be concerned about our students and
> each other's self-esteem and well being, as well as teaching them some
> concept or skill. How true! A kind word can go so far. If you haven't
> read any of his books, pick one up. I'm just starting to read his 3rd
> edition, what a great pick me up! He is also planning a book devoted to
> teachers and our thoughts as well as about 20 other books in the works!
> Enough complaining. Lets just see if we can think before we start typing
> "wild and crazy" thoughts!!!!!
> Until next time!
> Bill Norton