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Re: Final word re:spelling

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Wed, 16 Oct 1996 11:30:49 -0400

In a message dated 96-10-15 21:55:25 EDT, you write:

<< So what if we spell a few words wrong. >>

I need to step forward as being the first person on this board to mention the
mispelling of the word INTEGRATION. I did so, not with the intention of
smashing down the self-esteem of fellow art educators...I did so 1) because
the continual mispelling needled me 2) it wasn't a typo, and so I sought to
educate; thinking we all may be in a position to benefit 3) and finally SO

Are we so sensitive that correction of spelling sends us into a whirlwind of
bad feelings? We are educators for goodness sake! We encourage and educate
not only students but fellow teachers.

And on a personal being one who was corrected in my spelling TWO
times!! Once for NOH masks (I said HO) and for KITSCH (I said KITCH) , I
would like to thank the persons who did so.... no I will not pass on
incorrect words to my students!

Please! Let's not be so sensitive that we cannot take some correction!