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Re: Art/nonart/maybeart

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paulette jones (babyface)
Sun, 13 Oct 1996 15:31:17 -0500


Perspective...CAN anyone be RIGHT OR WRONG? CAN this (art, maybe art, non
art) notion be UNIVERSAL?...isn't right or wrong (art, maybe art, non art)
all relative. Some cultures/societies don't even have a word for art.


>>"Art-Not art-Maybe art" seems cool. I think you invent an interesting term
>>"Maybeart". How about something like "Maybenotart", "Shouldbeart", Can a
>>thing be simultaneously "art" and "nonart", (or even "maybeart"?
>>Leung Tsz Kwong
>>Hong Kong
>Hi Leung,
>Yes, according to my students, a thing *can* be "art and not art" at the
>same time. It all depends on the thoughts of the viewer. Of course then
>we get into the discussion of absolutes - can something be art in and of
>itself or does it take interaction with a viewer to make it art? Exactly
>what is it that makes a thing art? We actually had a half hour debate with
>5th graders about how a four-sided cheese grater was art because even tho'
>it was made by machines, it was designed by a person, and it had pattern,
>texture and form!!! Then there are always the holdouts that say *nothing*
>that has a function can be art!! I must admit, I love hearing their
>thoughts about the subject!!
>Altura Elementary
>Aurora Colorado