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Re: tone

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Kit Eakle (
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 11:48:54 -0400

>Mark and Charlotte,
>I also agree with your observations about the overall tone of this listserv.
>Perhaps the membership is getting comfortable with each other and letting
>off steam...we all know about stress in our positions! I have felt
>uncomfortable with some of the bantering that has happened lately. It seems
>antithetical to our purposes. We are all creative, informed and active
>people; we're bound to have some differences! Like our subject, we should
>celebrate our diversity! Isn't that what makes life interesting?
>And we all have demanding jobs, which need our energy...what a shame to
>waste it in verbal posturing! Let's just share ideas, enjoy each other, and
>continue to learn.
>I have felt a real sense of community here, and although I have disagreed
>with peoples' opinions, I never felt the need to discourage them. Use that
>energy...grow from it!
>Enough said. I'm happy to have this resource.

Amen- and I apologize if I have contributed to that tone. No flames were
intended, as I tried to explain in my reply to the following note that came
to me as a result of my postings

">Kit, When you teach kids do you SCREAM at them when
>they misspell a word, or is that just for stupid adults?" end note.

I replied


No screams intended, only emphasis. I am just learning listserv etiquette,
and screams were not implied. I saw no other way than caps to graphically
point up where the two spellings were different.

I did not believe the misspelling was stupid, probably only a typo
recopied, but the etymological differences seemed to have some relevance to
the conversation, and I thought pointing up the difference might even
reinforce the spelling, if it was a problem for some. I likewise thank you
for reinforcing to me the lesson in etiquette,


Once again to all my apologies - and enough of spelling lessons on
integration or any other word. Using the energy and growing it indeed, is
what this MUST be about.


Kit Eakle
Program Manager
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts,
Washington DC,