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Re: intEgration!

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paulette jones (babyface)
Sun, 13 Oct 1996 00:26:00 -0500

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>Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 11:48:42 -0400
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I must say as I've been following the whole discussion on "integration" I
am sincerely surprised it's existance is in question. The following were
two messages that truly demonstrate the NEED for integration. Think about
it, without it we place THE ARTS on an elitist pedestal...where is that
going to get art education in our those schools where there
isn't a specialist in the arts we will continue to have ADULT EDUCATORS
AFRAID OF THE ARTS. So if we don't encourage connecting the arts to the
rest of the world and making it something tangible for those who are
insecure with their art abilities, knowledge, etc., we are in fact
destroying what is at least one of my goals as a future art educator and
that is to encourage humanbeings to delve into themselves, into their
spirit and feel the freedom of expressing that spirit. And if that means I
have to connect with science, social studies or math then damn it that's
what I'm going to do. An if the science teacher or the math teacher
doesn't make the first move, so what, I'm an adult, this isn't a game to
see who's going to go first. EVERYTHING is interrelated in this world and
the sooner we all except that then the MORE PEACEFUL a world this will be.

Now this is my insecurity...sending this message. Maybe it's a weak
message or maybe it's a strong one, I'm not quite sure. But my flame proof
vest hasn't been tested please keep this in mind.


Paulette Jones

>In a message dated 96-10-11 02:33:56 EDT, you write:
><< The more
> incentive, encouragement and training we can give the classroom teachers,
> the better...but we have to work together. Many of these same classroom
> teachers have little self-confidence in their art abilities and need
> strong, HELPFUL motivation from us. >>
>I teach an extension course for classroom teachers<<Art Activities>>> and I
>am consistently amazed at how little confidence and/or knowledge most of the
>"regular" teachers have in art. I'm not sure from where it stems... perhaps
>by their teachers' training itself being compartmentalized (Science Methods/
>Art Methods/etc) and by those Art Methods courses focused on a variety of
>"things to do", instead of the art principles and elements of design, and how
>Art relates to one's life and is intEgrated across the curriculum.
>I'm curious if there are others who also teach a course such as mine. How do
>you go about training and encouraging the classroom teachers, so that they
>can tell the difference between "cookie-cutter" pumpkins and "creatively
>inspired" pumpkins.