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Re: Lookin' for info in all the right places

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Mark Alexander (Alexander)mamjam)
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 19:47:10 -0500


I agree entirely with your concerns about the tone of ArtsEdNet recently.
This is a list of many really creative people, speaking from so many
different perspectives. Lets just enjoy one another. Be patient and
forgiving of those who have risked posting opinions which may not be our
own. I think perhaps a review of the posts last September are in order.
In our replies, lets try to remember:

I look forward to more cool stuff.

Mark Alexander
1-8 Art
Lee H. Kellogg School
Falls Village, CT 06031


>Craig, thank you for the site. I also want to thank you for your recent
>posting about art education for teachers. I love this list, and read it
>daily, but as someone who teaches history/language arts and one 6th
>grade art exploratory, I feel some what like an imposter or even an
>I have never had any art training except as a weaver, and that was catch
>as catch can. However, I am passionate about the arts, and a
>vociforious proponent of art ecudation in our school. And schools in
>general. The problem I see on this list is that there seems to be a
>real negative attitude developing regarding "teachers" as opposed to
>"real artists". When I first signed on, I was really delighted at all
>the new ideas, DBAE, different thoughts and contributions which really
>stimulated me to redesign my small art program to try to incorporate art
>history, criticism and aesthetics. The long time art teacher on our
>staff was pleased and helpful also. I felt able to ask the most basic
>questions and I received great responses such as when I posted regarding
>mural repair for one of our elementary schools. Now, I feel like this
>list has turned into a battle ground with everyone on the defensive or
>even worse, the OFFENSIVE. Does anyone else feel this way? I will be
>checking in for responses today, tonight and early tomorrow.
>I have met some great compadres here, and hope to meet more. If you
>don't hear from me for a while, it will be because we are off track and
>I will be out of range, but I will catch up when I get back.
>Thanks for your time, Charlotte
>Later, Charlotte Griswold
>Oak Hill Middle School
>"Jumping to conclusions is poor excercise."