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Re: intEgration!

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Lynn Foltz (lfoltz)
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 14:13:00 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Bunki
Thanks for the post - well, I hope things are beginning to simmer down -
it is helpful to really understand the context of people's opinions.
Your situation in CA is so disturbing - because so many times, CA sets
the tone for the country --- my county has a wonderful art program - with
high standards, money (but never enough) to support, curriculum standards
and really wonderful art teachers who are so determined and committed - I
am so proud of all of them ----but we all started from humble beginnings
- this all started about 9 or 10 years ago - and we constantly fight to
retain the standards... So I completely understand your frustration - it
overwhelms me to remember and think of how it would be to teach in such a
way and under the same constraints - so my hat is off to you and all
others across the country ----
This can also explain some of the differences of opinions we have
observed , not only on this subject, but others --- it is not merely
philosophy, but circumstances that develop the opinions we all have. I
have been working on assessment in my state for over a year now -- these
discussions on the net make me realize that with so many circumstances,
so many differring backgrounds, student populations and administrative
support - how in the world can we expect to really assess art programs,
art work from students, art knowledge gain through our teaching - we all
are to be commended for hanging in there - because it is obvious that we
all seem to be passionate about what we do -- and that we have all put
great energies into the decisions and programs which have developed from
these decisions

Oh well, I apologize for going on and on about this
Yes, we can agree to disagree - I respect your points and I really do
think that we are closer to agreeing that we thought at the beginning of
all of this, what has turned out to be, mammoth subject.

Thanks for letting me bend your year,

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Bunki Kramer wrote:

> Hi, Lynn.....Everything's cool now! I apologize for my "flamette" and my
> manners but at the time I was really, you know....beside myself?! I was
> responding to what you ACTUALLY SAID in your infamous post and NOT to what
> you might have been THINKING! You made no mention of "cookie-cutter art"
> nor of stencils. You ONLY said "pattern" and "seasonal art". How could I
> think otherwise if that's what you said?!
> A class of 36 identical pumpkins leaves me on edge too and if this was a
> wonderful world with an art teacher in every elementary room, life would be
> perfect! Unfortunately....and especially in California with no formal
> elementary
> art programs (at least in our large district) have to get what they
> can "get" and 36 pumpkins are better than no pumpkins at all!!!!! The more
> incentive, encouragement and training we can give the classroom teachers,
> the better...but we have to work together. Many of these same classroom
> teachers have little self-confidence in their art abilities and need
> strong, HELPFUL motivation from us.
> I also feel strongly that kaleidoscope art (because that's what it
> is....ART) has a difinite place in the artroom as well as crossing many
> other demensions such as history in the Rose Window, graphic art and design
> as in hubcaps, a study of Platonic Solids and tetraheadra in math,
> science..I don't know in what, maybe someone else can enlighten us
> both...kinetic art as in 3D rotational hexagonal kaleidocycles, patterning,
> radial it rotational or relective...tiling as in MC Escher's
> tessellations! I could go on and on!
> Although you did not mention this..someone else did on a recent post...not
> being adaptable to intEgrating other facets to art experiences because the
> other core subject teachers are not asked to is a wasteful mindset. Who
> loses? Not the art teacher, not the subject teacher! We all know who loses!
> So what if other teachers are not doing art in their rooms (fortunately in
> my school they do!)?
> My only concern is my students and their love for their artworks and how it
> relates to everything around them! I don't want my students to walk away
> from the artroom thinking art is fun but it's not important because it
> doesn't relate to the real world and everything in it!
> I'm writing a novel! I dislike teachers that "posture" and I guess that's
> what I'm doin'! Sorry! Let's just agree to disagree!!!!!!! Truce!
> Cya..........
> Bunki Kramer
> Los Cerros Middle School
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> Danville, California 94526
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