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Re: Art and Science

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henry (taylorh)
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 10:57:48 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996 Fred wrote:

> However, this conversation
> began when you (or someone on this list) took the position that, in regard to
> curriculum integration we should "remember what room we are in" or words to
> that effect. While laying out how science and art are different, we might
> want to see where they overlap, converge, meet and reinforce each other.
> Both, for example, serve to uncover a portion of the world formerly hidden, a
> truth (if that be a useful notion) formerly unknown. Creating distinctions
> can be useful. Seeing only distinctions simply justifies the existence of
> university departments.

"Room" was evidently a bad metaphor to have chosen Fred. Maybe the palette
metaphor I used in my reply to Kit just now would have worked better. Say
Art and Science are two different brands of paint with very different
qualities all of which are useful -in the right place-. If I need a deep
but transparent purple to create just the right shadow I want to be
sure to select one of the purples on my palette but I need to know which
one(s) will be transparent. The labels after all are on the tubes I
loaded the palette from but not on the paints themselves. If I have some
way of knowing which is which I won't have to scrape off an error and
risk damaging the underpainting.

Another way of looking at it is that when I write the word pallet
palette or pallette, I chose the appropriate one or risk looking foolish
for writing about a piece of armor instead of a painters tool.
Fortunately, I expect to look foolish most of the time so that part is
not a problem :)

Anywho... would this have made any better sense?

> Seeing only distinctions simply justifies the existence of
> university departments.

I agree whole heartedly! Sorry to have given the impression that my ONLY
interest was in the distinctions.


- henry
PS Thanks for forwarding the copy!