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Re: intergration

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Brian Foster (fozzie)
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 19:43:24 -0400

hi bunky and lynn;
Would you two cool it! .............That's better.......take a deep breath.
I am sure you are both great teachers fact I'm sure 99% of
educators posting on this forum are is the nature of the beast.
I go along with Lynns' objection to Cookie Cutter Art with pre made
stencils and pre-cut witches to color.
In my position as elementary art specialist, I service....whoops-bad
word choice.. I VISIT 27 different K-5 classrooms. Most of my teachers
have little formal art training, but believe in our new art program. Yes,
their rooms are decorated with student decorated stencil cut-outs of
pumpkins, witches etc. -- the kids love this stuff.... it stirs up their
excitement for "Dentists day" with all the traditional (to them) trappings
of halloweens of yore.
If we treat these trappings as decorations and do not attach too much
artistic importance to them we can observe their glowing greedy little eyes
as they anticipate their glucosine lucre. Although I don't "do" halloween
I'm not about to be a grinch. When I had my own classroom in both middle
and high school I allowed kids who had free time to string black and orge
chains about the room....and possibly conjure up a scairy spirit or two
And while seasonal art for convenience sake is laziness....if you are
looking out the classroom window at a mixed forest of maples birchs and
evergreens and fail to attach the color change to the color wheel-marvel at
the symetry in the fallen leaves or explore the structure of trees and
re-enforce the basic idea of the changes in chemical makeup ie. chlorophyl
or take a sketchbook hike and use the artists' thumb to demonstrate
preportion H/W and in older kids, ratio with perspective.
It would seem like a lot of DBBS to ignore the aesthetics of nature
when the trees are all dressed up and screaming --LOOK AT ME!!!! merely to
avoid getting caught in a seasonal trap.
For those of you in Southern California, Florida or other such
localities.. Please ignore this post because you won't know what the h...
I'm talking about- a pity
ADIOS, Brian

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