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Chris Merriam (
Tue, 08 Oct 1996 16:01:28 -0600

ELENI53 wrote:

> Just to ad a tidbit I heard and saw on the PBS channel regarding Albert=

> Einstein....and Science/Art connections....
> Einstein came up with many of his formulas and ideas via visualization =
> pictures.... So as far as I think "CONNECT! CONNECT! SCIENCE AND ART!"
> ''Leni

While researching attitudes toward Science, I just read this.. had to
pass it on :)

"A good many years ago a teenager...visited Princeton University. There
she encountered an instantly recognizable figure: Albert Einstein. The
eminent scientist was staring raptly at a fountain.
=93He was tilting his head this way and that, and sometimes moving his
hands rapidly up and down,=94 she remembers. =93I stood beside him,
puzzled. He said nothing for quite some time. Then he turned to me and
said, =91Can you do it? Can you stop the stream enough to see individual=

droplets of water?=92=94
Einstein showed the young student how to move her hands to synchronize
them with the flow and create a strobe effect that froze the droplets. =

As they left the fountain, he told her, =91Never forget that science is
just that kind of exploring and fun.=92 (Fisher, 1992, p.50)"


Christine Merriam
Kayenta Intermediate Art