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Re: multicultural ed. in art

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Ruth Voyles (rvoyles)
Fri, 04 Oct 1996 10:41:48 -0500 (EST)

The problem is not the concept of a multicultural art education. The
problem is poor curricular design and educational practice across the
board, not just in the arts. In the current educational design and
practice we have compartmentalized our "subjects." As a result, math,
reading, social studies, science, art, music are all taught separately.
While this might make educational management and planning a bit easier,
does it really address the needs of students?

None of these discreet "subjects" exist in the real world in the manner
in which we present them to children in our schools. For example , there
is no such thing as "math" in and of itself. We do however use math to
measure any number of things totally unrelated to math per se,
such as populations, liquids for scientific, domestic, and creative endeavors.

In order for learning to be meaningful to children, we need to look at
how all of the disciplines as interrelated. Our society is multicultural,
how can our art not be? The elements and priciples may be taught
through the study of the art of any given culture, but they do not
exist in and of themselves. I guess for me the divisions are

The issue of "multiculturalism" is clearly still controversial. Thank
you, 'Leni, for starting this discussion. The responses have been
interesting and thought provoking.

Ruth Voyles
Art Educator
The Toledo Museum of Art
The University of Toledo

1996 ELENI53 wrote:

> I believe a good, solid art education (design principles and elements,etc) is
> being sacrificed by an emphasis on art education within
> least we had to go this route in our school district
> in order to keep art iinstruction in K-6 education. It was go via
> multicultural art or little support for the visual arts at all.
> 'Leni