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Re: Curriculum Workshop

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Teresa Tipton (
Sat, 5 Oct 1996 09:26:45 -0700 (PDT)

As a curriculum specialist, I've found that teaching people about the
process is more important than the results and to focus on that. Secondly,
to narrow the workshop down to two or three main areas that people can
grasp. Inundating people with information is tempting but overwhelming,
resulting in people shutting down, instead of opening up, which is a
preferable state for abstractions.

I teach a process that utilizes visioning the results, so that people look
to the outcome and then work backwards to the present, rather than the
other way around. It begins with futuring and brainstorming what one
imagines, rather than what exists. We write our visions down as verb
driven statements on post-it notes, color-coded in three areas that are
placed on the wall or board, whatever you have available.

The next step is to look at obstacles which keep us from our vision,
writing them down on a second color post-it, and grouping the statements
thematically, giving each cluster a name. The important thing to remember
here is to keep obstacles in terms of needs, and not of lacks. For
instance, "we don't have time," is translated to "we need a time
management tool," etc.

Finally, we look at our needs in terms of action steps that can be taken,
put the actions on different color post-its. We then block them into
themes, place them into a
schedule, putting them in three-month blocks, so that by the end of the
workshop, we have our work outlined for the year ahead.

It's inductive, but it's effective. Concrete sequentials have a hard time
with the process, but by the end, most everyone has their own personal
epiphany about the process.

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Penelope Laing wrote:

> I'm seeking some help......I'm responsible for facilitating an upcoming
> series of workshops on our curriculum alignment (which is based on the NC
> Framework which is based on the National Standards). The idea behind the
> workshops is to help the art teachers of our system familiarize themselves
> with all of this material and to get them to teach from it. Tall order.
> I'm curious about what kinds of curriculum workshops any of you may have
> recently attended, bibliographies, sources, videos, etc. etc that you found
> helpful in dealing with curriculum.
> TIA,
> Penny Laing
> Greenville, NC