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Re: Art Day Suggestions needed

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MARY E SKARDA (maryskarda)
Wed, 02 Oct 1996 23:39:23 EDT

Hi Heidi!
This day will no doubt be great for all involved! We do an all-day art
fiesta every year and it is the most cherished day by all students when
they leave the school.

I don't know what format you invision, but we take a theme approach such
as "Wonders of the World", "Renaissance", "Colonial Days",or even
"1900's Takes us to the Future". We have grown to include musical arts
and theatrical arts which involve our 1100+ students all day, but we
started with basic activities - kind of a make and take idea.

First step, though, is for students to know a little about the theme.
Next name all of the projects accordingly. Set each project up on a
table with parent volunteer help allow a specified amount of time for
each grade level to meander through and create the work of art. Students
may go where ever they want to go, but they must complete the work at the
table. Some of our favorite cheap projects are:

-Candle dipping -Batik
-Block printing -Logo t-shirt stencil (kids bring their
own shirt)
-tie-dye shirts (kids bring em) -Check out a palette of water
colors, brush & paper
-Copper tooling (anodized aluminum - Triarco - cheap)
-Tin punch lanterns -Newspaper stuffed Chinese paper fish
kites -large
-Decoupage (scrap lumber from building sites, magazine pics, modpodge)
-A giant Mural mimicking a favorite artist that everyone gets to work on
- afterwards paste it to plywood and hang it in the main hall - Diego
Rivera is good - also Michelangelo, Rafael.
-A giant floor to ceiling weaving with torn fabric that everyone gets to
run a warp ribbon.
Use torn fabric remnants - tear back and forth not quite tearing through
the last inch and selvage.
-Clay figures, pots, tiles etc. Tiles are great because you can have
them fired and make a mosaic on the school wall later.
-How about Jackson Pollock squirt art?
-Fold six pieces of 2x2" paper . put 3 dots of tempera on each one -
different colors . Refold and press. Open and see the butterflies. Cut
them out and mount on colored construction paper.
-Origami - use colored xerox paper cut square
-With all those fabric remnants, Tear in strips for braided belts. adorn
with gold spray painted macaroni.
-Ancient coin plaque - buy embossed poker chip, glue on a small square of
cardboard, cover with tin foil, rub to get all embossing and then antique
with black tempera.
- Use dye-cut machine letter "O" to cut hole out of 3x5 chip board. let
kids take card board scraps and make designs on these frames, cover with
foil fitting it through hole and wrapping snuggly. Antique as above.
-Cone hats and wimples (the silly sixth grade boys love this - they will
grow up one day!)
-Add in some just for fun stuff - bubbles with giant bubble wands, get
moms to face paint theme related pictures - (use Prang water colors and a
touch of ivory soap - works super well!)
-Have a costume and prop box and a group of situation cards. Have kids
put on costumes , make up and act out a play.
- You could also set up a few games that are theme pertinent, or musical
experiences such as a maypole or Limbo Stick.

Have a great time - I can't wait 'til our 11th festival next May.
Mary Skarda, MAndeville Middle, Mandeville, LA
On Mon, 30 Sep 1996 19:19:29 -0500 hmcelroy (Heidi McElroy)
>Greetings to All, Again I need advice and help. My son's
>school is planning an Art Day on October 23, to increase the awareness
>art in the elementary school. There are approximately 525 students
>there is a budget of $500. They would like each student to produce a
>of art. The teachers, parent volunteers and high school art students
>be leading the activities. These are children that have had no art in
>elementary. Any suggestions for successful projects that will excite
>children to clamor for art.. to everyone they know... would be
>We need exciting cheap projects that are unusual. Think of it as a
>happening, not a structured lesson. There will be approximately 4
>hours in
>which to work. The whole day will be devoted to art.
> I need to say that I enjoyed Bunki's list of things they never
>you about teaching . I would like to add...
> You will undoubtedly get sick on Friday evening, spend the
>feeling miserable and recover Monday morning, two days behind on your
>grading and planning.
> In advance, thanks for the suggestions.
>Heidi McElroy