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Re: [teacherartexchange] Participation in TeacherArtExchange


From: Judy Decker (judy.decker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Oct 10 2008 - 09:38:49 PDT

Hi KJ,

I was curious.... I just looked back through 2008 to see how my own
participation has changed. I went from posting one or two posts a day
to posting an average of two posts a month.

I am retired, but came back to the list in 2003 when I took over
Incredible Art Department. Now that Ken Rohrer had retired, he has a
stronger role in Incredible Art Department, so I am not doing as much
for the site.

The nature of the Internet has really changed. I think it was around
2003 when spammers started using email bots to harvest email addresses
from web sites. In 2003, I lost two email accounts (lost my personal
Road Runner address/Internet service and a Yahoo account) because my
email addresses had been harvested from Getty list archives and were
used to send viruses and spam. Some list members actually posted to
the list that I was sending Viruses!

Might have been in 2005 when I opened this Gmail account and use it
solely for posting to the list serves. Now my Gmail address is "out
there" in the Getty archives over 300 times. Members are not careful
when they post. Instead of carefully removing the email address of the
original sender (like I did here - by simply including KJ wrote:) -
they quickly click reply and send posting my email address again. I
still read everyday - and watch. Members are still posting other
member's email addresses. As a result of my address being "out there",
I get over 300 spam and virus emails a day on this account - including
some from my own address. I no longer take the time to look to see if
the spam folder contains wanted emails, I simply delete all.

I used to have a small aquarium on my desk that symbolized the "Getty
Pond" to me. When my Beta fish died (named Marvin after Marvin Bartel
- Marvin means "Famous Friend"), I did buy another Beta fish, but my
interest in the list did not return. That Beta fish has passed on and
I now have a beautiful Retablo from Peru in the place of the aquarium.
No more Beta fish. I do still have my 75 gallon freshwater aquarium
with fish from around the world. I guess world issues are more
important to me now. I spend quite a bit more time with projects for
the church. We send school kits and health kits around the world. I
make all of the cloth bags. I also spend a lot more time with my
friends locally. I no longer spend up to 14 hours a day on list woes.
I also volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages (some of you are probably
familiar with those stores - Fair Trade arts and crafts from around
the world).

Now before answering, I read to see if someone else responds. My
answers are already out there in the archives.

I am so thankful for this list, though. I have lasting friendships
with many members from this list. Some whom I have never met- but feel
so close to. We are "Sisters" (and some "Brothers" too -- smile).

Many long time members of this list now post on Art Education Yahoo
Group (list group for Incredible Art Department), ArtsEducators Yahoo
Group (set up years ago when former Getty ArtsEdNet kept going "down")
and TAB-Choice ArtEd Yahoo Group (a list started by Kathy Douglas and
other TAB Choice teachers). It is much more safe posting to those
lists as the archives are not open to the public. Email bots can not
harvest email addresses either as the email addresses are not posted
to the web. Yahoo uses technology that truncates email addresses.

I was one who fought to save the Getty list serve. I am not happy with
the current format. The technology is out there to remove email
addresses. I also am not happy with the Copyright statement that Getty
has on use of our ideas/lessons. Any idea we post can be grabbed up by
authors wishing to publish our ideas as there own. They do not need to
get our permission.
Marvin adds a Copyright notice to most of his posts now, but that
still may not prevent some folks from using his ideas. Many of our
members no longer post their original ideas, but would rather reserve
the right to publish them on their own.

Best wishes with your report.

Judy Decker

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 3:55 AM, K J wrote:

> Are there any other problems (technical, social, pedagogical etc) with
> being a member of this community?

> regards
> KJ

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